How to choose the perfect beach dress?

Summer is a small life. And for this life to succeed, it must necessarily be the sun, the sea and beach romance. But the sea and the beach in most girls are associated not only with the beautiful at times and rest, but also with what you can wear on a hot beach to look great. Women's beachwear should be light, comfortable and open.

Fashion 2015-2016 year does not limit us to any one trend, so a girl with any figure can choose the best option for herself. Also this season has opened to us numerous areas of women's swimwear.

Beach fashion does not end on one swimsuit, because it's very hard to do without a light sundress or tunic on the beach. It is especially hard for those girls whom nature has not rewarded with ideal parameters.

But the beach tunic can hide all the shortcomings of your figure, or vice versa, emphasize its subtlety and harmony. For slender girls offers a wide selection of openwork knitted dresses,they will underline all the charms of the figure.

It should be noted that knitted tunics look very elegant and original. In them you will feel more comfortable than in synthetic pareos. Beautiful knit patterns will add a sophisticated look to a tunic. Despite all the advantages of a tunic, the pareo also remains an indispensable attribute of beach fashion.

How to successfully pick up a beach dress?

  1. Dress style This question depends on the features of your figure. For full girls, it is advisable to choose clothes that do not sit tightly on the figure. It should hang, and then your shortcomings will be less noticeable. Also, it is necessary to give preference to knitted models. If you have full hands, it is recommended to choose a tunic with closed sleeves, they will hide this shortcoming. For girls with a big belly, you can offer lacing in the chest. For slender ladies, it is best to take tight, fashionable options that will emphasize neckline and accentuate a beautiful waist.
  1. Color and material. As for the material, it is best to choose fabrics from cotton, silk, satin or chiffon. You can also pay attention to viscose and elastin.It is better to choose bright colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, so that they can be combined with gray, white, or other neutral shades. In the fashion and remain sea prints. Blue, blue and white colors perfectly emphasize the tan, and darker shades in problem areas will help to hide figure flaws.

Also, the beach dress should meet such requirements: quickly dry and easy to dress even on a wet swimsuit.

For girls who do not know how to choose the desired model from a variety of goods offered, there is always the opportunity to make a beach dress with your own hands. Tailoring such a dress is quite simple, so any girl can handle it. It is only necessary to choose the right fabric, then transfer the pattern to paper, then to fabric and follow the instructions to make a new thing for yourself for the summer.

Master-class in tailoring

You will need: a sewing machine, white cotton cloth, chalk, white threads, scissors, pins, wide rubber band.

  1. Determine for yourself the desired length. Mark it on the fabric.
  2. Measure the desired gum length. Wrap it over your chest so that it fits snugly, but in no way does it pinch the body.
  3. From the top of the fabric, make an indentation of 2 width gum (plus seam allowance). With the help of chalk, note the lines on the fabric.
  4. Wrap the edge of the fabric on the left side to the intended line, then fix with pins.
  5. Sew through the machine on the intended line. Leave a hole for the gum.
  6. To thread the elastic in the drawstring, pin a pin to it or tie something long.
  7. Sew the edges of the gum.
  8. Cut and stitch the fabric at the hem.
  9. Similarly, sew the assembly for the top of the dress, only the elastic in this case should not be on the shoulders, but closer to the chest.
  10. Pin both parts together in the middle on both sides. Sew them in small stitches across the elastic.

Such a dress you can wear both diagonally and with a lowered shoulders.


The first look, of course, falls on the dress, but this does not mean at all that no one will pay attention to the fact that you carry a towel in your hands. Therefore, in order not to spoil your image, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of accessories.

The first, and the main one, is a beach bag.

This summer in fashion:

  • knitted bags;
  • bright travel bags;
  • fabric bulk bags;
  • beach clutches;
  • bags with ethnic motives.

Sunglasses are also an integral part of the beach fashion. This summer it is recommended to choose glasses with a light plastic frame, or with any pattern.

Going to the beach, do not forget about the hat. Very nice look hats with wide margins and ribbon for the color of a swimsuit. Also, various summer scarves and bandanas remain relevant.

Beautifully selected jewelry will complete your beach look. The most relevant are the rings on the toes, multi-colored bracelets and wooden beads.

We hope that our tips will help you create your ideal image for the summer. Pick up bright outfits and look like a real queen!

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