How to choose stockings to dress

The successful combination depends primarily on the type of dress. First you need to decide on what kind of model is needed in a given situation. Then pick up a dress that will sit well on the figure.
A tight-fitting short dress will accentuate the hips, and stockings will only enhance the effect. If there is no desire to focus on this part of the figure, then a freer version will do.
Pay attention to the color of the dress. Light stockings will look good with dark dresses and vice versa. If a woman adheres to the classic style, then the stockings should be selected in the color of the dress. Although it is better if they are two tones darker or lighter than the top.
White stockings go well with a wedding dress. As a rule, this color fills, therefore this piece of clothing should be preferred to girls with slender legs.
Body-colored stockings can be worn for almost all the fair sex. They are well combined with dresses of pastel and warm colors.
Stockings with patterns and patterns are suitable for romantic dates. They can be worn with light flowing dresses. You can choose a short version of the top, slightly opening the gum stockings.
Transparent stockings tend to create the effect of smooth legs. This allows you to significantly expand the choice of shoes and dresses, as they are combined with almost any options for clothes.
Black stockings and a white dress do not fit well. But fashion is changeable, and what was impossible yesterday, may become possible in the future.
Dark stockings go well with a black dress. You can choose a different color of clothing, then just dark. Choosing black stockings, you should take into account one rule: they will make a thin leg even thinner, and in full - they will highlight flaws. Therefore, you need to select this wardrobe detail wisely.
Correctly choose the size of stockings. They should sit on the leg perfectly. Otherwise, you will have to leave to return the slipping wardrobe item into place.
Wearing stockings in combination with a dress, the girl looks very impressive. This image can be created at least every day. In cool weather, you can wear warm stockings.
It is not always necessary to create an image of a fatal beauty, exposing this detail of the wardrobe completely for show.You can choose a dress so that stockings just a little bit peeking out from under him. Long distance from the skirt is not always welcomed in society, so you need to create your own image, based on the situation.
If the stockings are hidden under the dress, but slightly look out from under it, they will look like tights. When driving, it will be noticeable that this is not the case. This option can add raisin to the image.
Plan to attend an evening event, then prefer light stockings. They not only hide the absence of sunburn, but also perfectly emphasize the harmony of the female legs. This option is suitable for the warm season.

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