How to choose and wear a beautiful embroidery?

Previously, embroidery was one of the most popular things, but over time everyone began to forget about it. But we all know that everything new is well forgotten old, so embroidery is again in fashion. But in order to look stylish in such a garment, you need to know how to choose and wear it.

What it is?

Embroidery is a traditional Ukrainian thing, which is a free shirt, embroidered by hand. According to historians, such a garment appeared in the far VI century.

How to make a choice?

How to choose embroidery? Pay attention to several important points:

  • Colour. Traditional, of course, is considered white. It symbolizes purity, and is also able to refresh and make any image romantic and light. Often there are beige or grayish embroideries, which are similar to those sewn in the distant past. Black embroideries used to be considered a symbol of grief, but today they look elegant and stylish. Red color is also interesting, which symbolizes passion and is able to make any woman of fashion a real fatal beauty. Shades of blue are also relevant.
  • Pattern.In general, three main types of patterns are distinguished: plant, animalistic and abstract (geometric). Flowers and leaves look very cute, this option is suitable for girls and girls. Animalistic prints (images of birds, animals) are more interesting and suitable for vivid images. And abstract patterns can be called universal, as they can be relevant in almost any set and in any style, including business.
  • The size. Remember that embroidery should not be wrapped. Therefore, it is desirable to purchase a thing larger than “native”. Be sure to try on before buying.
  • Style. A shirt-shirt is not the only option. You can choose a beautiful dress or tunic. As for the cut, there are both straight models, and fitted and trapezoidal. To visually stretch the silhouette, select embroidered straight cut. To make the shoulders less massive, pay attention to the “trapezoid” style. And the fitted model will help to emphasize the waist and chest.
  • The cloth. In the autumn or spring is to buy embroidery of linen or cotton. Such fabrics, by the way, are considered traditional.But in the summer you can wear a thing of flowing, light and translucent material, such as silk, satin or chiffon.

How to wear?

What to wear embroidery beautiful and stylish? A few interesting ideas for these women of fashion:

  • Skirt. The set will be very feminine and romantic. It is best to choose a long skirt to the floor and fill the embroidery for her belt. But it will also be interesting to look at the skirt of the “sun” style, knee-length, slightly higher or slightly lower. And if you want to create an original and bright image, wear a pencil skirt. In this case, the embroidery can be both refilled and left free to fall on the hips.
  • Jeans. And this is a more youthful option. It is best to choose either classic straight or taxing and skinny jeans. Shirt-embroidery can be worn as a dress, and tucked.
  • Pants. Loose pants look fresh and easy. And feminine trousers-pipes will help to make the image more elegant.
  • Business suit. Yes, yes, embroidery may well be included in the business kit. But it is important to choose a concise model without unnecessary details with an abstract pattern. You can wear it with strict pants or a skirt.From above it is desirable to throw a jacket.
  • Embroidered tunic can be combined with leggings. But they must be long and sewn from dense fabric (preferably black).
  • In summer, light embroidered shirts can be worn with short denim shorts. Such a set will look summer-like easily and fashionably.
  • In the cold season, you can wear a fur or suede vest over the embroidered shirt.


Vyshivanka will not be combined with any shoes. In early spring or late autumn, it is best to wear it with Cossack boots, which are traditional Ukrainian shoes. But also any other models will do, but it is best with not too narrow bootlegs and either on a flat sole or on firm thick heels.

In the warm season it is best to wear embroidered shirt with ballet shoes. And in the summer you can wear sandals, both on flat soles and on heels (but it's best on stable, and not on stiletto heels). A vyshivanka-dress will look stylish and unusual with shoes-boats.


Vyshyvanka itself is a bright accent, so it is not recommended to overload it with accessories. And yet some of them will be quite appropriate:

  • Beads.It is advisable to choose red or black beads, they will emphasize the charm and make the image even brighter.
  • A thin strap can be worn over a tunic, dress or shirt. And you can replace the belt with a sash.
  • Hair can be decorated with a rim or a bright hairpin with flowers.
  • When choosing a bag, pay attention to clutches, small shoulder bags, envelopes, as well as models with ties.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  1. Be more attentive to the choice of hair. Hair is best to dissolve or curl.
  2. Do not overload the image with bright colors and patterns. All other things should be monophonic, executed in noble and quiet tones.
  3. Traditional white embroidery will be combined with clothes of such colors as blue, blue, black and burgundy.

Be sure to get the embroidery and create your own unique and vivid image!

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