How to choose a heat gun

Warehouses are quite difficult to warm up completely. In some cases, their area can be up to several hundred square meters. Here an infrared heater or heat gun can perfectly cope with the task. These devices can be divided into two subspecies: diesel and gas.
The gas gun is intended primarily for drying or heating the walls of a building during construction work. In production areas as a heater, it can only be used with a good ventilation system. The laboratories of some enterprises are equipped with guns of this type, but the condition for such cooperation is frequent ozonation and ventilation of the premises.
For a gas gun, it is necessary to take into account certain conditions under which its long service can be guaranteed. The final product receiving chamber should be stainless steel, it is desirable to purchase a device with a gas supply adjustment mechanism.
Now you need to calculate the volume of the room in use. To do this, multiply the values ​​of the width, height and length of the walls. The resulting value must be recorded on a sheet of paper (for quick and correct counting). As an example, the case will be considered when it is necessary to warm the room 15x9x3m. The last value is the height of the building box. The volume of the room will be 405 cubic meters.
Get the temperature values ​​that are outside and inside the building. Indoors, it is necessary to maintain 20 degrees Celsius, and outside, for example, no more than -15 degrees. From the higher temperature should be subtracted - it will turn out 35ºC. As the average value of the dispersion is taken unit K = 1.5. Multiplying all the data, you get the figure 21262.5 kcal / h.
Convert this value to kilowatts. To do this, multiply the number of kilocalories by 0.001163 - 24.72 kW will be obtained.

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