How to choose a good corkscrew?

Many people like wine, but it is impossible to open a bottle of this noble drink without special equipment - a corkscrew. How to choose it?

A bit of history

The history of the corkscrew is not known for sure, as there is simply no exact date of its creation and the name of the creator. But there is information about patents. Thus, the first device, called the "bottle screw", was patented by Samuel Henshall.

But over the next two centuries, the corkscrew has been refined many, many times. For example, in the XIX century only in England several hundred patents were issued for inventions of this type. And each device was unique in its own way. Today, only a few species are actively used.

How to make a choice?

So, how to choose a corkscrew for wine? It would seem that there is absolutely nothing complicated in it, but this is not entirely true, because there are several important criteria.


There are several of them:

  1. The classic T-shaped corkscrew or the so-called “steel worm” is the most common and simplest model.In fact, it is a spiral attached perpendicular to the handle. The principle of operation of this device is extremely simple, but you can’t call it a convenient application, since you will have to put considerable effort to remove the cork.
  2. Lever corkscrew is popular among bartenders and is very suitable for beginners. Using it is easy and convenient. And this device looks like a handle, a base and two “wings” adjacent to it. When twisting, these wings-levers go up and occupy the top position when the spiral is completely buried in the cork. You just need to lower the levers down, and the tube will leave the neck.
  3. The screw screw is also very convenient to use, but opening the bottle will take a little time than using the two previous devices. Efforts will be average, although all that is needed is just to turn the handle. It will screw onto the coil and thereby pull out the cork.
  4. Pomp corkscrew is the most convenient, since your efforts will not be required at all. Simply place the needle in the cork, press the button, and the device starts pumping air into the bottle. At some point, the cork will not withstand the pressure exerted on it from the inside, and just fly out.
  5. Lever or so-called "rabbit ears." The application is very convenient, since you will only need a few elevations and clicks on the "ears". Another nice bonus is a cork clap. The disadvantages include impressive size.
  6. "Gypsy" corkscrew suitable for uncorking expensive wines stored in old bottles for a long time. Cork in this case can be very fragile, but the use of such a device will not damage it. Two thin plates are inserted along the sides of the plug, grasping it, poddevayut and carefully extracted from the neck.
  7. Another professional and high-tech device is a corkscrew-jack, which is often called the "waiter's friend." The helix gently fits into the cork, and the base tightly wraps around the neck. The mechanism, similar to a jack, gradually and quite carefully removes the cork. A model of this type may have a small knife designed for cutting the plate.

We evaluate the spiral

A very important part of any spin, is, of course, a spiral. It should be, first of all, strong, otherwise if the cork will sit tightly in the neck of the bottle, then it will be very difficult to pull it out.But durable metal is not damaged and not deformed.

The second criterion by which the spiral should be evaluated is the degree of its sharpening, that is, the point. It must be thin so that this part of the device easily and quickly entered into any cork, including the hard one.

Also worth assessing the thickness of the spiral. If this part is too thick, the plug may simply break when screwing in the corkscrew. And an excessively thin spiral will bend under pressure. Find a middle ground.

Appreciate the grip

The handle also plays an important role, because it depends on the ease of use of the corkscrew. It should be such that it was comfortable to hold in her hands. The ideal material is wood. It quickly heats up in the hand and does not slip, and is also quite strong.

The metal is durable and maximum durability, but it is not very pleasant to the touch, and can still slide in the palm of your hand, especially if it sweats. In addition, it would be great if the manufacturers make a few grooves for fingers on the handle, then you can securely grip the device and avoid slipping.

Pay attention to how the spiral is attached to the grip.If these two parts are glued together, then the corkscrew will not be strong. But if the spiral enters the handle, then it will provide maximum reliability.

Cost of

The price of a corkscrew can vary from 50 to several thousand rubles. Of course, a durable and reliable device can not cost too cheap, but you should not overpay either.

Other criteria

Several other equally important selection criteria:

  • Quality corkscrew will work easily and quietly, that is, without the squeak and other extraneous sounds.
  • Rate the look. It must be presentable.
  • From the product should not come unpleasant pungent smell.
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