How to choose a 3D Blu-Gau player

Switching minimalism is also evident in relation to USB. This connector is one, and it is located on the front panel for quick connection of external storage devices. Access to the rest of the content the device receives exclusively over the network. This is not without sense, given the capabilities of the Samsung BD-E6500, especially since besides the usual RJ-45 socket, there is a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that supports the 802.11p standard and allows direct connection to a computer without the use of a router. And the network and multimedia capabilities of the player are truly non-trivial. First of all, he treats all sources of records in the same way. Optical disks, USB drives and DLNA server folders are accessible through the common AllShare window, an integral part of the Smart Hub interface, a single multimedia operation panel that collects everything from widgets of news sites and a web browser to Internet TV channels and games, that is, those applications that are available and TVs Samsung Smart TV. Accordingly, the ability to play over the network and from USB-drives are similar and differ only in reliability. The multimedia omnivorousness of the apparatus is simply total.How to choose a video player? We read further. It supports any MKV files, including video in VC-1, TS files, partially Blu-ray disc images (in the BDMV structure without menus, only M2TS files) and DVD (VOB files), as well as FLV, MP3, WMA, WMV, FLAC, JPG, PNG and other formats.


But if the quality of playback of photos and music from any source is the same, then on the part of the video there is still a difference between them. The player's files show a bit simplistic, without that a wealth of details and shades, which he generously demonstrates from Blu-ray discs. The clarity is very good, and the colors too. Moreover, the picture can be adjusted slightly for several parameters for optimal combination with a TV or a projector. And you can also convert a normal material to 3D, and the volume effect will be even better than with a similar conversion in a display device. How to choose a 3D Blu-Gau player correctly? Results


How to choose a video player - conclusions



If last year we evaluated the first attempts of manufacturers to give their devices the ability to read multimedia files, considering it as an additional function for a disk player, last year, in a 3D Blu-Gau player test, today such an opportunity is perceived as mandatory, without which the model can no longer be considered modern.Therefore, omnivorous as such is not included in the list of our priorities. Much more important was the reliability of playback and the ability to work with files and discs, the reproduction of which is beyond the power of other devices, which precisely distinguishes today's 3D Blu-ray players from other devices and prompts them to be purchased.


True, we could not overlook the additional functions available to the participants - even if they can be added to the service ones, that is optional, their presence could not but affect the assessment of a particular player due to its obvious usefulness. For example, Panasonic BMP-BDT210 perfectly shows Blu-ray, but it imposes serious restrictions on the playback of media files. At the same time, the disc tray opens in the most convenient way. Samsung BD-E6500 was the most advanced in terms of network capabilities. His Ultraviolet service is a new word in consumer equipment, bringing it even closer to a computer and giving an incredible freedom to use content that you can listen to or view whenever and wherever you are, provided you have Internet access, of course. This is certainly very interesting from the point of view of people who are not indifferent to the technology, which we are, and therefore Samsung BD-E6500 received our Editor’s Choice award.Sony BDP-S580 showed great picture from video disks of all types, learning how to handle multimedia content well. In addition, he knows how to play SACD and their copies recorded on DVD-discs, which is also useful. It can be recommended for purchase!


Well, a Pioneer BDP-140, having all the listed advantages, is able to play 30 videos from files, and after modifying the firmware, it acquires several more useful functions. This is the most versatile device in the test, besides endowed with a classic Hi-Fi design.

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