How to change the exhaust system on the VAZ 2109

The exhaust system of the car VAZ-2109 consists of three parts - the exhaust pipe, the resonator and the muffler. On vehicles with an injection engine, an additional lambda sensor is installed on the receiving tube - it is an oxygen sensor that controls the composition of the exhaust gases, and a three-component neutralizer is installed in the resonator, which acts as a burner for unburned fuel.
If the car is equipped with an oxygen sensor and a neutralizer, it is strictly forbidden to pour leaded gasoline, even for a short time, because this leads to premature failure of these units and to stop the engine or a strong loss of power.

Exhaust system malfunctions

Malfunctions of the exhaust system of the VAZ-2109 car are easily identified by ear - by the greatly increased exhaust volume. These faults are divided into two types - maintainable and requiring replacement of the exhaust system.
The first is the breakthrough of exhaust gases through the exhaust gasket that has been burned through or through loose clamps that fasten parts of the system together. These faults are eliminated by replacing the gasket or banding of the clamps using a special heat-resistant sealant.
Malfunctions of the second type are a consequence of corrosion and lead to the appearance of holes in the muffler or resonator. Brewing them or mastic does not make sense, because it does not give a long-term effect. Metal under the action of corrosion continues to collapse next to the sealed holes and new ones are formed. Therefore, it is better to replace the rusted muffler and resonator immediately.

Exhaust system replacement

Since the dismantling and installation of the exhaust system is carried out under the bottom of the car, it is desirable to carry out these works on a lift or inspection pit. When working on a flat surface, the car will have to be jacked up, therefore it is necessary to prepare reliable supports for the car.
To work, you will need captive wrenches for 13 - 2 pcs., Heat-resistant sealant, a set of rubber pads (5 pcs.), A metallized gasket under the receiving tube.
Brake the car with the parking brake and place the stops under the rear wheels.Before starting work, treat all threaded connections with a penetrating lubricant WD – 40.
Dismantling the system begins with a silencer. Remove the two nuts on the coupling strap connecting the muffler and the resonator. Remove the muffler from the pillows and remove it from under the car.
Next, unscrew the nuts on the clamp connecting the resonator and the receiving tube, remove the resonator from the rubber pads and put aside. The reception pipe is attached to the exhaust manifold with 4 brass nuts. Unscrew these nuts and carefully remove the front exhaust pipe. Remove the old metallized gasket from the flange of the exhaust manifold.
Installation of the exhaust system, start with the exhaust pipe, do not forget to install a new gasket between the exhaust manifold and the pipe. When installing the resonator and muffler, apply heat-resistant sealant to the sockets, install the sealing rings and tighten the clamps. Old rubber pads must be replaced with new ones. After installing the system, start the car and make sure that there is no breakthrough exhaust gases through the connections.

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