How to celebrate a wedding wedding?

After comes the third. By the third wedding anniversary, the family is rallying, but relationships can still change. They have not yet become a monolith like metal, but they do not tear as easily as paper, which means that it's time to celebrate the third anniversary of the wedding - a wedding wedding.

Holiday symbols

Skin - material in all senses is interesting: it can be coarse and ugly, if not taken care of, can be soft and gentle, can be bright. You can give your skin any shape and color, it all depends on your desire.

So the relationship to the three years become stronger, and their further fate depends only on the color in which family life will be painted. On the eve of the wedding ceremony - it's 3 years since the wedding, it's important to "clean up" your feelings to shine, not to lose the spark, thanks to which the family life began.

3 years in marriage is a leather wedding, a rather difficult period in the life of spouses. Experts often say that further relations depend on this milestone,Therefore, it is very important to care for them and nurture, care for each other as carefully as the patroness of this period of family life - skin - requires. Gifts for the Leather Wedding should be given in tune with this material, as a symbol of good intentions and well-being in a young family.

In Russia, since ancient times there have been many beliefs and traditions regarding the celebration of the three-year relationship. For example, on the day before the holiday, the spouses must apologize to each other, give up all the debts and throw away the crockery, because 3 years are the Leather wedding, the period is not so simple and nothing should complicate the situation, and pierced dishes and caustic speeches could hurt the still thin "skin" of a young family.

On such a day, the main treat was a rye loaf, as a symbol of fertility and future replenishment in the family. The husband and wife broke off a piece of such food and ate it in front of the guests, wishing everyone well-being and prosperity in the house. Dressing on the day of the third anniversary should have been appropriate, but this does not mean at all that you have to be dressed in all leather at the celebration - just select a separate part or accessory, for example, a belt or a leather handbag.

Gifts for spouses on the day of the wedding wedding should be special.You can choose a beautiful photo album in a leather cover, which will become the pride of a young family or the original picture created by embossing on the treated leather.

But not necessarily gifts for 3 years from the date of the wedding should be leather - it can be things that are associated with home comfort, such as candles, a set of handmade bed linen or a photo frame with a joint photo of the spouses. Having received such gifts, young people will remember their Leather Wedding not as a difficult period in their family, but as a wonderful celebration, one more confirmation of the strength of their relationship.

After the Leather Wedding, it's time to celebrate.

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