How to care for jewelry

The tradition to decorate itself with products made of precious metals and stones, especially beloved by the female sex, goes back deeply into centuries. Being a jeweler is an honorable profession at all times, and the result of his work is a work of art. And, to be honest, products made of gold or silver (or both) are in the cherished casket of every woman. But it is no secret to anyone that jewelry requires attention and proper care. Of course, they can be attributed to the specialists and for a certain amount they will be cleaned and updated, but it is quite possible to cope with it yourself, the main thing is to know how. Today we will learn how to clean diamonds, silver and gold.

The first thing you need to understand is that you need to remove the jewelry before you are going to start cleaning the house, go to the bath or sauna, swim in the sea (and indeed on the beach), before doing sports and fitness. Gold is in itself a very inert metal, but in jewelry it is not used in pure form,and in the alloy, and therefore various kinds of scratches, dents can eventually lead to a loss of appearance, and silver in general, on contact with air, quickly blackens. They do not like the sun and some stones, such as amethyst, pearls, topaz, rubies, grenades, they can lose their true color and become more pale and expressionless.

Gold products purchased ongold.uacan be easily cleaned using an old toothbrush and a soap solution. Especially brush is useful for jewelry with stones, in the recesses of the mount often accumulates dust and dirt. Then you should wash them with cold, clean water and pat dry with a towel. For greater brilliance, the surface of gold is sometimes rubbed with onion juice, after which they wait a few hours, then rinse with cold water and allow to dry. To return the shine, you can add liquid ammonia to the soapy water (0.5 tsp per cup of solution), if the ring or earrings are with stones, then reduce the dose to eight drops.

Similar cleaning methods are used for silver jewelry. Bright gloss to silver products will help to return potato broth, tooth powder.But remember that silver with a special decorative blackening should not be lowered into the solution of liquid ammonia and soap.

Cutlery made of nickel silver and silver can be cleaned in another household way. Bring to a boil a solution consisting of one liter of water, eggshell from two eggs and one tablespoon of salt, and then dip the products into it for 15 seconds. After that, remove, rinse with water, and a soft cloth made of cotton cloth, wipe them.

A very careful attitude requires pearls, turquoise and corals, they do not tolerate hot soapy water, soap suds and perfumes. Even pearls should be stored separately from other products, neatly wrapped in a soft cloth. Caution should be observed with stones such as amber, malachite, opal, moonstone.

Diamonds should be cleaned and lightly polished at least once every six months. To remove dirt, use warm soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse in clear water and lightly polish the product with a soft cloth.

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