How to care for a puppy?

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How to care for a puppy?

In order for a small, touching, unlucky puppy, which you just brought into your home, eventually turned into a smart, beautiful, healthy and, importantly, obedient dog, you will have to be patient and spend a lot of strength and free of time. After all, a puppy is not a plush toy that can be removed to the far corner after everyone has played enough with it, but a small living creature that needs constant care. Growing a puppy is not only joyful minutes of communication with the baby, but also daily, sometimes very burdensome, caring for him.

How to care for a puppy: tips

After the puppy is safely delivered to a new home, the first thing to do is to choose the place where he will sleep. All puppies, however, like little children, sleep a lot - they sleep up to sixteen hours a day. Therefore, it is very important that the place to sleep was quiet and comfortable.

How to choose a place for a puppy

Try to find a place for a puppy in the corner of your room, away from drafts and doors.You can not place a puppy near the heating batteries and it is absolutely unacceptable to settle him in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. If the puppy is of small breed, put a special low basket for it at the chosen place, on the bottom of which you will put a mattress. If the puppy is large, you can immediately just lay him a warm rug on the floor.

Do not place a puppy of artificial fur and other shaggy fabrics for a puppy - they quickly become soiled, and it is almost impossible to clean them. The mattress must necessarily be with a removable cover, which, if necessary, can be easily washed. In order for the puppy to get used to its place more quickly, ask the breeder in advance for a piece of the old bedding on which the puppy slept near his mother, and place it on a new mat.

The second very important issue that will need to be addressed as a matter of priority is feeding the puppy.

How to feed a puppy?

Prepare two bowls for the puppy - a feeding trough and a drinking bowl, and show him a place where they will stand constantly now. Bowls choose heavy (earthenware or metal) to the puppy could not overturn them during the meal.

Before you pick up a puppy, ask the breeder what he fed him last week, and follow this diet for the first ten days since the appearance of the baby in your home. In the future, gradually change the diet and add new products to it.

Feed your puppy strictly on schedule - three or four times a day. When the puppy grows up, transfer it to two meals. If the puppy does not eat or leaves part of the food in a bowl, after a quarter of an hour, remove the food, and in the next feeding, reduce the portion. The water in the bowl should be poured constantly, do not forget to regularly update it.

Do not give your puppy bones, sweets, smoked sausage, canned fish. Do not lure it with pieces of food from your plate.

How to teach a puppy to the toilet?

Soon after the first feeding, the puppy will definitely make a puddle (or a heap) on the floor. Do not scold him and even more so do not poke his deed outrage nose. Remember that he is still small and can not control himself. On how to properly teach a puppy to celebrate their natural needs on the street, read our article How to teach a puppy to the toilet.

How to walk with a puppy?

Walking need a puppy, not only for emptying the intestines. Running and playing in the fresh air contribute to its rapid growth, strengthen muscles and bones, temper the body. Therefore, in order for a puppy to develop properly, it is necessary to walk with him at least half an hour at least three times a day. A puppy can be walked when he has already been given all the vaccinations of his age.

From the moment the puppy starts walking on the street, the issue of hygiene is particularly acute.

How to wash a puppy?

After each walk, wash your puppy paws under running warm water or wipe them with a wet towel. You can fully bathe a puppy only in case of emergency, if the baby gets very dirty during the walk. In the winter time, it is better to refrain from swimming and try to clean his fur with a brush and a damp cloth. Before the puppy is vaccinated, it is impossible to bathe it at all.

In summer, you can bathe your puppy no more than once a month, as frequent bathing with shampoo worsens the structure of dog hair. For bathing, use only special dog shampoos purchased from a veterinary pharmacy.

Every day, brush your puppy with a brush and then remove the combed wool remaining on it with a special mitten.Regularly clean your baby's ears, wipe the corners of his eyes and trim the tips of the claws on his feet.

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