How to buy a house abroad

Buying a house abroad is, above all, an investment of money. To make it profitable, be sure to thoroughly research the real estate market of the country where you are going to buy apartments. Here you can be lurking underwater stones: real estate at the time of the transaction may suddenly rise in price due to additional payments to the notary, registrars and realtors. Or it turns out that there is no secondary housing market in the country, which will make it impossible to sell the house in the future.
Try to go to the country where you plan to buy apartments and independently collect information from local realtors and developers about the state of the real estate market. To make the picture complete, consult several real estate firms at once. For example, in countries such as Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates a lot of free space for construction, so buying a home in them will not bring quick dividends.It is more profitable for an investor to build a house by himself than to buy an existing one. And in France, the amount of tax that property owners are subject to depends directly on the cost of apartments and the scheme of their purchase.
Be sure to visit the insurers and inquire about the amount of insurance premiums on the purchased property. They will talk about all the risks: possible natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods), which are quite likely if you buy housing on the coast or island. The cost of insurance in such cases is very high and reaches 5% per year of the value of the object.
Please note that the purchase of real estate in some countries is not considered the basis for issuing a residence permit. Be sure to clarify for yourself this legal nuance.

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