How to become high?

How to become high?

How to become high?

Everyone knows that the average person's growth process ends at about the age of twenty. By this time, the final formation of the skeleton and bone tissue takes place and it is believed that it is practically impossible to increase one’s height after the age of twenty. But many people who cannot boast of tall growth do not stop searching for the answer to the question of what to do to grow - and often go to incredible experiments in order to achieve their goal. Read this article and, perhaps, you will understand how to become high, and whether it is worth striving for it.


Why am I so low?




It is likely that you had to ask this question at least once in your life if you read this article. There are several options for the reasons for shortness in a person - and in order to understand how to grow taller specifically for you, it is necessary to establish the reason for short stature in you.


The reason may be in genetic predispositions: it is almost unbelievable that in a family where all members have a small height, a very tall child can grow up.The presence of bad habits, such as alcohol abuse and smoking, which delay the development during puberty of a person, can also have a big impact. A significant role is also played by the individual characteristics of the development of the organism - someone can grow gradually, and someone can grow in just a few months, while some can continue to grow even throughout life. A short person's height may indicate the presence of certain diseases (usually the endocrine system or the musculoskeletal system), various injuries, injuries.



Where does the desire to be high come from?



The classic standard of beauty has long been a handsome male, tall, muscular, and a long-legged woman on the cover of a glossy fashion magazine. No wonder that, despite the stereotypes, people of short stature begin to complex because of this alleged defect of their figure. Particularly concerned about the answer to the question of how to become taller, the representatives of the stronger sex - after all, they are concerned that the girls, being taller, will not reciprocate them.This question worries women less, but they, too, wanting to be like catwalk models, would also like to grow a few centimeters.


It is possible to talk about why people want to grow up for a long time and a lot, and also to argue about what is better and more expedient to do: find an effective method to grow up or go with a given problem to a psychoanalytic reception. But, despite all the number of people who wish to grow, it does not become less. It means that it is necessary to consider the best-known methods of how to act in order to grow.


How to get taller? Simple recommendations



First of all, do not chase after fashionable preparations and do not rush, by any means, go under the surgical knife - you can always have time to come to such radical measures. You should start with the fact that it is safest for your health.


How to become high?

How to become high?


What to do to grow? At the very least, you need to maintain an active lifestyle. It has long been proven by scientists that the growth of the body is stimulated by regular physical activity. It is necessary to do sports. Sports such as basketball, swimming and volleyball are best suited for those who wish to increase their height.


Effective exercises for those who are thinking about how to get taller can be called a hanging on the crossbar, jumping, pulling up, side bending, bending the hull back. Also keep in mind that you should not overdo it with physical exertion - after all, it can on the contrary slow down (and often even stop) the growth of the organism.


It is necessary to abandon most of the bad habits, begin to harden, undergo several massage courses, focus on healthy foods (the main attention should be paid to foods rich in calcium and potassium), and not forget about the balance of nutrition. In general, it is necessary to start a healthy lifestyle, which definitely will benefit any person, and especially those who want to increase their height!


If you regularly follow the rules described at that age, when the growth of the body is still possible, then you can add about 20 percent growth.


Complex exercises "How to become high"



Before starting to perform a set of exercises, it is necessary to do a warm-up consisting of walking, bending, turning the body, bending, moving hands and running for five minutes.

  • The first exercise. Stand up to the wall with your face, stretch up, rise on your toes and straighten as much as possible.
  • The second exercise. Hang on the crossbar, relax the muscles as much as possible, perform the oscillations of the legs like a pendulum (right-left). On the legs you can attach a load.
  • The third exercise. Pull up on the crossbar. Drop down and hang for at least three minutes in a state of complete relaxation. Exercise is repeated 7-10 times.
  • The fourth exercise. Hang on the crossbar. Within three minutes, turn the body left-right with maximum muscle relaxation. You can tie a load on your feet.
  • Fifth exercise. Hang upside down on the crossbar, clutching an additional weight to your chest. In this case, the legs must be fixed with the help of special belts - therefore, it will be very difficult to perform this exercise without the help of unauthorized persons.
  • The sixth exercise. Alternately jump on the right and left foot, then on both. While jumping, try to reach out with your hand to an object that is high (tree branch, chandelier, and the like). The number of jumps should be at least 100 per day.
  • Seventh exercise.It is necessary to lie down on the stomach, to stretch the legs straight, to close the arms behind the back. Maximize, raise the head and shoulders above the floor. Repeat 7-10 times.
  • Eighth exercise. Lie on your back, stretch your legs straight, spread your arms apart. Alternately lift the legs until a right angle. Repeat 7-10 times.
  • Ninth exercise. Lie on your stomach, straighten your legs, stretch your arms along the body. Raise closed straight legs. Repeat 7-10 times.
  • Tenth exercise. Go up the stairs to the fifth floor, then go down, relaxing your muscles. Repeat at least five times.


But if these exercises do not give almost any effect (this happens if your age is more than 20 years and it doesn’t just have an effect on the growth of the body), and the desire to be taller does not leave you, then you will have to resort to more radical methods. Special specialized simulators, massage tables and intervention of a plastic surgeon (correction of defects of posture, and lengthening of the leg bones) to some extent will help to solve the problem with small stature.


But before stretching yourself to the desired size, think again thoroughly: or maybe you are with a not very tall stature considered to be a completely self-sufficient person - this is much more important in life than additional centimeters of height.

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