How to become a blogger. Where to begin?

People become bloggers to share experiences in their field with others. A blog is profitable if you advertise on it. In the article I will share with readers the secrets and subtleties of a personal blog, I will tell you how to become a blogger and where to start. I hope that the tips will help you realize your dreams, make a blog and make it popular.

A blog is a separate web page on which texts, photos, messages, videos, audio materials are published. It provides the ability to comment on posts, expressing an opinion about the publication. There is no limit to topics. Bloggers write about construction, economics, politics, entertainment, humor, show business.

How to become a fashion blogger

The popularity of fashion bloggers is growing rapidly. While some brands lead fierce confrontations for contracts for a collection with a famous designer, competitors prefer to cooperate with bloggers.

In Russia, the popularity of fashion bloggers is also growing. Such activity becomes a mass phenomenon. I will make a portrait of a fashion blogger, guided by knowledge in this area. You, using it as an instruction, get closer to achieving a strategic goal.

A typical fashion blogger is a girl under 25. This is a student or a representative of the creative profession. She closely follows fashion and style changes and experiments with trends.

  1. A fashion blogger tells readers about their own style, demonstrates himself and expresses an opinion about fashion.
  2. The blogger should be regularly present on the Internet, not to miss the significant events, to attend popular nightclubs, concept stores, social events and exhibitions.
  3. The qualities of a fashion blogger: altruism, enthusiasm, taste, curiosity, sociability and friendliness.
  4. Blogger's weapon is blogging. He publishes photographs and videos, reports on events.
  5. Before creating a blog, think about why it is needed. Some people want to use it as a means of self-expression, others want fame, and the third wants money.
  6. For one month to become a star of the World Wide Web will not work.
  7. To get started, start a blog in the popular fashion community. Here you can see reviews of seasonal trends, analyzes of designer collections and fashion photoshoots.
  8. Each member of the community gets access to a monthly incentive system that provides virtual prizes and rewards.
  9. The fashion blogger has a style. In choosing clothes, modern bloggers fall into two categories. Some retain neutrality, the latter prefer a win-win choice. People striving for fame dress brightly.

Video tips from a professional blogger

Do not seek in one fell swoop to conquer the pinnacle of glory. Make it a strategic goal. Moving step by step, you will avoid typical mistakes, which will bring you closer to your dream.

How to become a blogger on Youtube

YouTube is a video service where users upload their own videos, view other users and watch videos of other people.

YouTube has been running since 2005. In 2007, Google Inc. management acquired video hosting. YouTube is visited daily by several million people in search of an interesting video.

  1. To get started, select a nickname and create a name for the channel. Usually these words are the same. Choose names and nicknames carefully, because the network has many nationalists and trolls.
  2. Choose a channel address and an address for profiles and communities in social networks.
  3. Register a channel.
  4. Create accounts on the FB, Twitter and VC social networks and create communities with similar addresses.
  5. Decide on the direction of the channel. You can review news, shoot lectures, make fashion reviews or something else.
  6. Choosing the direction, create material and publish in social networks. Videos must be posted on their pages in social networks. One of your friends will definitely appreciate the creativity, and you will get a video preview and a small income on advertising.
  7. A lot of quality material, but the number of subscribers increases slowly? How to be? Come on.
  8. If you have money, buy ads from popular bloggers. If the material is of high quality, their subscribers will view it.
  9. Without money, cooperate with colleagues who have blogs of similar subjects, and remove the general video. So you will get likes from your and partner subscribers.
Video Tips

How to start blogging on Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging service with a multimillion audience. Use the service and users, and people who own their own sites. In the latter case, Twitter allows you to promote the resource by publishing links.

  1. First, on Twitter, post interesting messages. So tell the audience that there is a new entry in your blog.
  2. With the help of the service, look for like-minded people and interlocutors. This will increase blog traffic.
  3. In addition to like-minded people, Twitter allows you to find business partners. They will share ideas and help guide the blog.
  4. While blogging on Twitter, position yourself as an expert in any field. With the help of the service, share knowledge and experience, which will positively affect the popularity of the blog.
  5. Twitter is a limitless bank of ideas. Numerous users will be happy to tell you which direction to go next.
  6. Feel free to ask questions. Experts will respond by telling something new. This is a great way to make business contacts.
  7. If you managed to get to the conference or become an eyewitness to the event, be sure to tell about it on Twitter by sending messages.
  8. Twitter is an advertising tool.Enough to use the services of friends, and they will help advertise the blog.
  9. If at the time of writing there were difficulties with the names or names, this information can be clarified at any time on Twitter. Believe me, the answer will not make you wait.
  10. The service will allow finding new resources, conducting interesting polls, getting a valuable comment or taking an interview from a celebrity. Twitter offers limitless possibilities.

How to gain a thousand subscribers and visitors

Creating a blog is not so difficult; novice bloggers have already seen this. The next goal is the thousands of subscribers. Not surprising, because they seek to get the title of Internet stars.

Enough for a moment to look into the search engine to make sure that the Internet is full of articles dedicated to the thousands of bloggers. There are many rules for blogging; in practice they do not work all.

Recommendations must be followed throughout the initial phase. Having achieved the result, make adjustments. What do you really need to make your blog traffic more than one thousand users per day?

  1. Update content regularly.Users do not like useless and monotonous information.
  2. Publications expose SEO optimization. To monitor keys, use the service.
  3. It is mandatory to register the blog in directories.
  4. An important role in achieving a strategic goal is played by external advertising. In all appropriate cases, mention a personal blog. Human conversation is more effective than advertising on the Internet.
  5. Do not disregard crossposting. Regularly on posts make announcements.
  6. When you promote your blog, enter into a partnership with information businessmen.
  7. Particularly noteworthy are the guerrilla methods, which provide for the publication of links on the forums, commenting on famous bloggers. Even the link in the comments on the video in the social network is very useful.

Arm yourself with instructions and get to work. Do not give up the case, having overcome half the way. Keep your loyalty to your forces, and everything will turn out. You build a career in the network.

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