How to avoid breakage of the refrigerator

The best and most logical way to avoid damage to household appliances is to follow the rules of operation described in the instructions for use. In the case of a refrigerator, the most frequent problems are caused by improper defrosting, connecting and installing the appliance.

First, having a refrigerator in the kitchen, move it away from the stove and other appliances that exude heat. It is completely useless to the refrigerator, and temperature fluctuations have a bad effect on its “health”.

Secondly, to make your device less rattling and noisy - do not be lazy and set it strictly according to the level. It will be quieter, and the technique will be more whole. After all, even a shaker can adversely affect individual elements of the device.

Now a few words about the proper defrosting of the refrigerator. It must be done systematically and not be delayed, even if at first glance the snow coat is not large. By the way, the "know frost" systems also need periodic, if not in a full defrost, then in the airing exactly.Better yet, wipe the inside of the machine with water and cleaning solution.

In normal defrosting, do not rush and do not try to remove plaque using the mechanical action of a knife or other object. Better take your time and let the equipment thaw yourself. Otherwise, you risk damaging the wall or channel through which the refrigerant spreads, and disrupt the tightness of the apparatus, and this is fraught with non-warranty consequences. Repair of refrigerators can be a very costly event - for pricing, see more here.

Speaking of repairs: if this is exactly the story that was described above, then you should not tighten the repair of the equipment. It is better to immediately call the technician at home and carry out troubleshooting. Now there is no shortage of companies that provide service services, so the repair of refrigerators in Perovo, Golyanovo, Kurkino, and in all other areas of Moscow and the Moscow region will not cause any trouble.

Let's return to the rules of operation. Another small, but important, nuance can be dust that accumulates from below and behind the refrigerator. It is better to deal with it, periodically wiping the device.Also, when installing appliances, make sure that normal air circulation is established around your refrigerator. And many people like to drive him into a corner, and even push something with a third party.

Make sure that the “keeper” of your food has a constant and stable own food. Those. need a separate outlet and good wiring under it. Also, make sure that your refrigerator does not “work” at maximum power for a long time without much need. The load at the limit allows for more rapid wear of the unit. Adjust the temperature as needed - and there will be no unforeseen breakdowns!

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