How to apply tea tree oil for personal care?

Along with the growth and development of the chemical and synthetic industries, which, one after another, stamped new medicines, the study of natural sources of natural medicines began to flourish.

Probably, this is largely due to the fact that, unfortunately, far from all those inventions that are offered to us by researchers can be used in real life.

An effective remedy in the fight against acne

And although chemicals often quite quickly and deftly deal with a specific problem, we notice that the list of contraindications and possible side effects is so long that it becomes uneasy.

Probably, therefore, essential oils have long been studied, because these products have a fairly wide range of important and beneficial properties for the human body. A justified leader among them was tea tree oil, because if you rely on multiple research specialists, it has a large variety of applications.

People have long known about the healing and cosmetic properties of the essential oils of various plants: the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and other developed cultures actively used them to maintain physical and moral health.

Such a miraculous plant grows in Australia, where local aborigines actively used its properties as a remedy for many diseases: crushed shoots and leaf juice were applied to wounds for their quick healing, ingested and smeared insect bites.

This amazing plant owes its name to the famous captain James Cook and his team, who, in the absence of tea, brewed the leaves of this plant.

Interestingly, it was a fairly fragrant and pleasant drink, but it has nothing to do with tea bushes and trees, from which tea is actually received.

Despite the fact that the captain discovered many useful properties of tea tree, no one had studied it for a long time, and only in the 1920s an Australian chemist found that tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and bactericidal agent.

By the way, and now oil can be easily used instead of zelenka or iodine, it will destroy bacteria and promote healing not worse than these remedies.

For a long time, a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic products remained in the shadow, but now the use of this tool has become quite widespread.

Still, tea tree essential oil can be used in the treatment of many cosmetic problems: from acne and acne, with too oily skin or problems with hair.

In addition, its properties are often indispensable in the treatment of various types of fungal and viral diseases. A huge number of real and serious diseases can be cured with the help of such a natural remedy, which is absolutely harmless to the human body and has no side effects.

Use of tea tree oil

Due to its unique composition, this product really has a unique set of useful properties, which is why in every home it must be kept in a first aid kit.

Such a product is obtained by the method of steam distillation, but now it is increasingly being modified and transformed into other forms, so that it can be easily added to conventional therapeutic and cosmetic products.

You can purchase cosmetics containing oil

For example,On the shelves of modern stores it is not at all difficult to find shampoos, masks, creams, balsams, lotions, toothpastes, liquid soaps, various creams and ointments that contain the main component - tea tree oil.

And it is absolutely not by chance, because in its pure form it is not always possible to apply it, although, nevertheless, it is better to purchase such a vial to create homemade masks and balms, if you are so intoxicated. Usually, preparations made at home from the ingredients known to you, have a more powerful and harmless to the body effect.

Antibacterial properties

As we have already said, this kind of oil is really capable of fighting quite dangerous bacterial, fungal and infectious diseases.

Such a drug is rarely consumed orally, as the use of a sufficiently large amount of a substance can become dangerous to humans.

The fact is that it can burn the internal mucous membrane, but with the right proportions and observation by a doctor, tea tree oil can become indispensable in the treatment of Candida fungi and other similar diseases.

It is often mixed with other drugs, and then it becomes an excellent tool in the treatment of inflammation of the gums, mouth and bacterial infections in the colon. Since the plant itself grows in the tropics, it is perfectly fights microbes that cause tropical fever.

Antiviral and antiseptic properties

At home, tea masks often make various masks and tinctures, which are not only used for face, hair, teeth whitening, in the treatment of fungi and even in gynecology, but also in the treatment of serious viral infections such as measles, mumps , smallpox and others.

In addition, oil is an excellent antiseptic: it can lubricate open wounds to prevent suppuration. In addition, it is effective for cuts, boils, certain types of rash and even insect bites!

Cosmetic properties

Tea tree oil is a frequent visitor in the means of cosmetology, because it is an excellent tool for the care of oily skin, which has inflammation, purulent rashes and acne.

Buy a quality product

With its help it is easy to get rid of itching, for a short time to cleanse the skin and heal the affected areas.By the way, it is often prescribed as an excellent remedy in the fight against seizures, herpes and cracked lips, which becomes quite frequent in the winter windy days.

This product is an excellent preparation for rinsing the mouth, since it not only heals small wounds and inflammations, but also relieves plaque on teeth and tongue, eliminates unpleasant odors in the mouth.

Naturally, to rinse the oil must be diluted with water, so as not to damage the oral cavity.

Also, tea tree oil is used to treat problems with hair: eliminates itchy scalp, relieves dandruff, strengthens, and also fights hair loss.

What brand of oil should I choose?

In order for such a natural product to really have all the useful and healing properties, it is important to choose high-quality and genuine products.

Remember that among all the variety of essential oils, you can only buy what is made from the leaves and shoots of Melaleuca alternifolia, since only it has real therapeutic significance.

When choosing it is important not to forget that real essential oil is not sold in flacons with a volume of more than 5-10 ml, besides they should be made of dark glass, otherwise there is reason to doubt its quality.

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