How to align the bumper

Prepare an electric soldering iron and begin soldering the details of the broken bumper from the inside. Solder parts evenly, forming seams of the same width. Solder the branching cracks and make sure that they are firmly fused. Additionally, secure the seams from the inside with staples from the stapler, placing them every 2 cm in heated plastic.
While the plastic is melted, “smear” it over the cracks to smooth out the inner surface of the bumper, and then check whether its front side has recovered. Grind the front side of the bumper with a grinding machine using an abrasive wheel for removing paint and primer. Solder the front side similarly with the purl, and then align the outer cracks, straightening the heated plastic around them.
Grind the face again with a grinding wheel, wipe off static dust with a wet cloth, and then treat the plastic outside with a building dryer. Process the bumper putty for plastic, causing its minimum layer on the bumps.
After drying, manually apply the putty with a sanding machine and sandpaper, and then wipe or blow away the dust from the surface of the bumper and dissolve the soil under the paint. Prime the surface of the bumper in two layers, soaking 15 minutes between primers.
Apply a bumper on the bumper to further refine the irregularities. Where the development has been preserved, zashkurte plastic again, and then treat the primed surface with nitrous filling. Degree the surface and dry the bumper. Polish it, cover it with a base, and then apply paint and varnish.

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