How do cigarettes affect skin, smoking, stress?

Harmful habits and the modern rhythm of life are extremely negative for health. But they are also able to worsen the skin condition, which is especially undesirable for the fair sex. If you want to preserve beauty, find out how stress, smoking and alcohol use affect it.

Effect of alcohol

How does alcohol affect our skin? Consider the main directions of negative impact:

  • Dehydration of the skin. The use of alcohol is perceived by the body as an intoxication and tends to eliminate all toxic substances, washing them out with the liquid. Therefore, drinking alcoholic beverages, the next day we often visit the toilet. And deprived of life-giving moisture, the skin loses its elasticity and freshness, it starts to grow old and become dry.
  • Premature aging. Alcoholic beverages provoke dehydration, impair blood circulation and impair blood supply to the skin tissues, which causes hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and a lack of necessary substances.Untreated and devoid of natural breathing, the skin ages faster.
  • Puffiness. Usually during a feast we drink a lot, rarely get up and practically do not visit the toilet. The fluid stagnates, and not only in the kidneys and in the bladder, but also practically in all tissues of the human body, including the epidermis. For this reason, many alcoholics look swollen, very swollen.
  • Redness Ethanol adversely affects the vessels: destroys their walls, stretches. As a result, after consuming the intoxicating drinks, the affected capillaries are filled with blood and give the face a reddish tint that looks extremely unattractive.
  • Increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Many alcoholic drinks contain sugar, which, getting into the body in increased amounts, adversely affects the condition of the skin, namely, causes an ugly greasy luster, the appearance of pimples. The situation is not aggravated by the most healthy snacks that usually accompany feasts.
  • Inflammations The body directs all its strength to the elimination of intoxication and elimination of ethanol, and energy is not enough to relieve inflammation. Because of this, pimples appear on the face, redness.
  • Ugly shade.Alcohol contributes to the washing out of the body of minerals, macro-and micronutrients and vitamins, including those that are directly responsible for the color and structure of the skin. As a result, the face looks much worse.
  • The deterioration of the oval face. Drinking alcohol relaxes the muscular muscles. And if the muscle tone is impaired, they can not hold the face, and the soft tissues with the skin sag, their ptosis - omission occurs. The upper eyelids and cheeks are particularly affected.
  • Laxity. Alcohol slows down the production of collagen, and this substance is responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of human skin. As a result, turgor decreases, the epidermis stretches.
  • Couperose. As noted above, alcohol contributes to damage to the vascular walls. Small capillaries do not withstand the pressure of blood moving through them (and alcohol abuse often increases blood pressure) and burst, which provokes the formation of so-called vascular stars and reticulums on the face.
  • Ugly yellow shade. Liver suffers from alcohol, and when it starts to work intermittently, the skin may turn yellow.

Effect of cigarettes

Nothing good for the skin and smoking. If cigarettes are one of your bad habits, then be prepared for such problems:

  • Clogged pores. When smoking is inevitably formed cigarette smoke, which, leaving the mouth, rushes straight into the face - on the skin. Particles contained in it settle on the surface of the skin, violate their natural breathing, clog pores. As a result, you have black spots that are not so easy to fight.
  • Dullness of the face. Nicotine, contained in cigarettes and certainly falling into the body of a smoker, provokes narrowing of small blood vessels that literally permeate the epidermis. As a result, the skin is deprived of adequate nutrition, suffer from a shortage of nutrients and oxygen that are carried with blood, become dull.
  • Hypoxia of the dermis. In tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide, which in the human body replaces oxygen. As a result, hypoxia develops, from which all tissues, including the skin, suffer.
  • Signs of aging. Some harmful toxic substances that are part of cigarette smoke, destroy the body's antioxidants and provoke an increase in the number of free radicals.Such substances provoke oxidation, mutation of cells, premature aging. Therefore, smokers tend to look much older than their age.
  • Wrinkles around the mouth. A smoker holds cigarettes with his lips, using certain muscles. Because of this, there are specific mimic wrinkles surrounding the mouth and strongly damaging the appearance of a woman.
  • Scientists have found that the habit in question activates a gene in the human DNA code that triggers the synthesis of collagenase, a special substance that destroys collagen molecules. And if you consider that collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the dermis, it can be concluded that smoking makes the skin flabby.
  • Non-healing lesions. Smoking slows the processes of regeneration and tissue repair, so even small scratches, wounds and abrasions on the skin heal in smokers is much slower.
  • Couperose. Smoking badly affects the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, and if they become fragile, there are small hemorrhages, spider veins and sprockets.
  • Irritations. Aggressive substances contained in tobacco smoke irritate not only mucous membranes, but also the skin.
  • Yellowness.If a person smokes a pack a day or more, then the nicotine that gets into his body gives the skin an unattractive yellowish tint, which makes the face tired and painful.

Impact of stress

Unfortunately, stress for many has become a constant companion and an integral part of modern life. We are often nervous at work, at home, on public transport. And it not only wears the nervous system, but also adversely affects the skin condition. This is what threatens women with frequent experiences and stresses:

  • Stress provokes a spasm of blood vessels, due to which the blood supply to the tissues of the skin is disrupted. Cells do not receive enough nutrients and oxygen, lose normal nutrition and respiration. Hypoxia and deficiency of some important compounds worsen the condition and appearance of the face.
  • Cortisol and adrenaline produced by the body in stressful situations provoke an increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which changes the properties of collagen. Because of this, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes wrinkled.
  • Cortisol helps to slow down the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture in the cells.And yet this hormone breaks the integrity of the natural protective layer, which contributes to even more rapid evaporation of moisture. As a result - dryness, loss of freshness and youth.
  • Collagen inhibits the growth and formation of fibroblasts involved in the repair process, which slows down the regeneration processes and also slows down the production of collagen. The result: the skin becomes very vulnerable, quickly damaged, exposed to negative environmental factors and mechanical influences.
  • Following a spasm of blood vessels, their expansion, increase in the level of blood pressure occurs. Because of this, when we get angry, the face turns very red, which definitely does not paint a woman.
  • Strong and frequent stresses become a huge burden for the body, which directs all forces to replenish spent energy reserves and eliminate negative consequences. As a result, there is simply no energy left to stop the inflammation that is localized in the dermis, and the face is covered with pimples, red spots.

What to do?

What should I do to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin? The answer is logical: to lead a healthy lifestyle.Limit alcohol consumption or discard it altogether. You can allow yourself to drink a glass of red wine at dinner two or three times a week to improve blood circulation.

Stop smoking. Yes, this is not easy to do, but if you enlist the support of loved ones or find like-minded people, your plans will come true. You can also use one of the modern tools that help fight the addiction.

Treat everything easier and do not be nervous. Learn relaxation techniques, learn to abstract, meditate. If the stresses are severe, you can consult a doctor and ask him to prescribe a sedative.

Smoking, stress and alcohol are the enemies of our skin. Forget about such habits, and you save youth and beauty!

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