How old is the New Year 2013

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How old is the New Year 2013 when they started celebrating the New Year?

How many years, is the New Year holiday.



Do you know how the New Year holiday differs from others? New Year can be celebrated not only on January 1, but also in spring and even in autumn. The day when you can celebrate the New Year depends on the calendar, which is used by one or another people. Therefore, if you want to find outhow old is the new year 2013, you will have to take a trip to a very distant past.


The appearance of the first calendar.



Until now, scientists around the world are trying to determine how long people exist on our planet. Some of them suggest that the process of transition from monkey to man, was completed, somewhere, forty thousand years ago, other scientists have a different opinion, namely, that there is a cyclical change of intelligent civilizations on the planet earth, which has existed for millions of years. Whatever you choose, confirmation of when such ancient calendars were created has not yet been found. The very first calendars were invented in ancient Rome.However, these calendars were used mainly for control over the debtors. However, every religion and every nation invented not only its calendar, but also the starting date (for example, the Jews from the creation of the world, the Romans from the founding of Rome, etc.). The basis for the creation of calendars were, as a rule, external events or movements of various celestial bodies, as well as the frequency that exists in addition. The standards were the moon, the sun and even Sirius.


The story of the New Year or how old the New Year.



A large number of calendars brought confusion when communicating among themselves, all kinds of peoples. By this, in the 45th year BC Julius Caesar, one of the most famous Roman emperors, created a decree to count from January 1, thus the Julian calendar appeared. After that, the year began to include 365 days. And only in 1582, a modern calendar was born, which corrected deviations from solar calculus that had accumulated over 16 centuries. In Russia, the calendar appeared to others in a slightly different way. In 988, together with Christianity, the Julian calendar appeared in Russia, however, it began our new year in the spring - March 1.In 1492, Ivan III moved the beginning of the new year to the first of September. Another intervention in the calendar made Peter the first, he amended, to the starting point of the Julian calendar, somewhat shifting the date. Thus, the light of January 1, 1700 (AD) was born. And only in 1918 the Gregorian calendar was adopted, which operates in our country to this day.


When and how, celebrate New Year.



About how the ancient Russian people celebrated the New Year, there are unfortunately no references to it (however, some scientists believe that the history of the Russians is about 24 thousand years). It is for certain known that to decorate a New Year's tree became more than two thousand years ago, however, then it wasn’t chopped and brought into the house. For the holiday, various trees were dressed up in which, by the beliefs, good spirits lived. It was for these good spirits that the first spruce branches began to appear in the houses, which were to decorate the house.


At first, the St. Petersburg Germans began to chop down Christmas trees, and only in 1852, dressed-up fir-trees were publicly installed in the capital. Therefore, from the end of the nineteenth century, in Russia, Christmas trees began to come to visit the Russians. After the arrival of the revolution, the New Year was removed, as well as other vestiges of the bourgeois system.There were several reasons.

  • 1st — when switching to another calendar, the holiday moved at the time of the Orthodox fast (celebrating holidays on these days was considered a sin).
  • 2nd - after the war, the first world war, and the revolution, people were not at all happy.


At this time, people were worried about how to survive in a new country, namely how not to die of hunger. Only, somewhere, after 17 years, when the young country got a little stronger, the government issued a permit, as a reward, to the New Year celebrations for the citizens of a great country. In 1938, the New Year was a massive holiday - the trees began to be sent under the close supervision of the authorities. Even parachutists were used for celebrations. Agitation trains went, special planes flew out, Santa Claus delivered gifts throughout the vast country. However, only in 1947, the day of January 1, was officially declared a non-working holiday.


By that time, the New Year trees were already overgrown with a large number of mind-blowing balls, toys and garlands. Later, it became a fashionable tradition to send Christmas greetings and postcards. Technical progress has made some adjustments to the process of congratulations.At the moment, we, as a rule, celebrate the New Year holiday at home with our family, sitting in front of the TV. At the moment, it has become fashionable to send instead of cards, sms or make a phone call. Now you knowhow old is the New Yearand you can tell this story of the New Year 2013!

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