How often to eat during pregnancy

The balance of the diet during pregnancy is manifested in the observance of the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food that a woman chooses for herself. Eating “for two” is not necessary, but in order not to feel hunger and not have problems with digestion, the expectant mother is more rational to eat fractionally, in small portions. The ideal frequency of eating during pregnancy will be 5 or even 6-7 times a day.
As in ordinary life, while carrying a child a woman should focus on the menu on the energy component of breakfast. For a pregnant woman, it is more beneficial to make the first meal more caloric than the next ones. It is better to eat a little throughout the day, rather than a full breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is, instead of three solid meals, nutritionists and gynecologists recommend choosing small portions and dividing them by 5-6 times. Focus on the feeling of hunger, but after 19.00 it is necessary to eat less or completely eliminate late dinner.
Eating a little pregnant can every three hours, with snacks should be excluded.Between meals it is permissible to eat fruits or drink fresh juices, it is best to use them on an empty stomach. Distributing calories for the whole day, remember that during pregnancy in the first half of the daily diet should be at least 2,400 kcal. In the second half, the needs of mother and child for energy and vitamins increase, therefore it is necessary to use at least 2800 kcal.
Often pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, face nausea. Because of toxicosis, future mothers are at risk of skipping meals: breakfast or lunch, afternoon tea. To avoid such a problem, doctors advise to eat fruit for breakfast, and protein for dinner. When toxicosis should be as much as possible to drink water to eliminate dehydration. The same rule applies to heartburn.
If, with a fivefold menu, a pregnant woman feels well and is not hungry, the last meal is best taken at a time two to three hours before bedtime. Immediately after eating, you do not need to exercise, you need to move moderately, and not lie down, so as not to provoke unnecessary weight gain. There is a need to slowly, carefully chewing each piece.You should not wash down the food, it is advisable to drink a glass of clean water before eating. This will help relieve the stomach, quickly get enough. During the meal you need to take a comfortable position.

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