How not to spoil the reputation

In order not to spoilreputationyou should not refuse additional workload, which may fall on the working team in the case of, for example, an unexpected illness of someone from the staff. In carrying out your duties "from" and "to", be prepared to share with the rest of that part of the work that you still need to do. Refusing, you show the management and the team that you do not care about the activities of the company or you do not want extra responsibility for the additional front of work. Your indifference will be an indicator that you can not rely on.
Another quality that you will not be forgiven neither at work nor in everyday life is optional. It can be expressed both as non-punctuality and non-fulfillment of these promises. If you are not responsible for your words, then let down many other people. An unnecessary person will never be charged with performing important and responsible work, this quality alone can forever destroy yourreputation�and put an end to your future career.Always soberly assess your capabilities and count strength, keep your word, whatever the cost.
Do not flaunt your knowledge, even if you are a really cool specialist. This behavior will discourage even those who would like to seek advice. Do not impose your knowledge to colleagues, considering that only you understand how to do it right. This brings discord to the team, which is entrusted with the work on a large project, the result of which depends on each team member. Offer your solutions, but do not try to impose them.
Shifting responsibility on others is also not worth it, even if you are not at fault for the mistake, but you did the work together. This is especially unforgivable to the head, even if a small team. Take the blame for the failure, and only then decide with your subordinates why this happened. Confession of guilt do not perceive as weakness. In the eyes of the management, this is a guarantee that you realize it and will try not to repeat it.
Participation in intrigues against someone and the dissolution of gossip can also negatively affect the reputation. It is not necessary to enter into some groups, and, especially, to lead them. This significantly complicates the work and heightens the situation in the team.They try to get rid of such employees first of all, and no high professionalism can help you in this case.

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