How not to quarrel with relatives over the holidays? Humorists advise!

These girls should listen. They can easily turn any dispute into a joke.
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Olga Kartunkova, actress of the show “Once Upon a Time in Russia” (TNT):

- In order not to get bored with your beloved and there were fewer reasons for debriefing, prepare something together. Go to the market together and buy a duck. Stuff it with fruits and berries. Marinate in soy sauce and honey. While the bird languishes in the oven for a couple of hours, you are in the shower. Then sit down to eat your masterpiece with the whole family for some movie. I recommend the comedy "The Groom" with Sergey Svetlakov. And I also consider that the main entertainment for a woman is to clean up. Go to the hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, massage. And shopping. If after him will remain the forces and means, take a trip to karaoke, spend the day in the water park.

Svetlana Galka, parodistka:

- Do not sit at home. Skating rinks, cinema and theaters are in any city. Yes, and travel far away is not necessary: ​​now the weather is warm - you can go to the forest and make shashlyks in the meadow. And if the snow is thick, then blind the snowman at the same time.The coolest and fastest marinade for meat (especially chicken leg) is mayonnaise. Add curry for color, pepper for taste. After kebabs - to the gym. Yes, yes, they work on holidays, so do not shirk. If something goes wrong in the holidays, make fun of it, and the difficulties will go away. Whoever remains in Moscow - and did not lose at all: it is fabulously decorated. And the pedestrian: the sidewalks expanded, the cafes opened, and the park "charge" - just a song.

Elena Stepanenko, humorist show "Distorting Mirror" ("Russia 1"):

- Take the winter holidays for granted: they are given to you to relax. On the morning of the first day, look at yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection if you are a woman: “Beauty, hello. You will rest for 8 days. ” The following: "You will rest for a week." And in the last: “Honey, you rested. Get ready to fight! ”Our winter every day is a fight. Gloomy weather, gloomy people, crowding in the subway, traffic jams ... So increase yourself these days the armor of happiness. Go to the tree, meet with friends, but at least in solitude lie down and read Nabokov. The plan is not needed: get up and do what comes to mind. Now the time is so magical: any program, whether old, new, is on the Internet - and it’s not scary to overlook the New Year’s air. If, God forbid, you get sick, treat with humor: there would be no pain, we would not understand joy.A sad in the holidays can only flawless lazy, who reluctant to entertain themselves.

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