How are joints treated with mud?

Joint diseases - arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, bursitis, gout, stiffness (ankylosis and contractures) - are poorly treated, gradually progressing and in every fourth case lead to disability.

Even the most modern drugs without additional methods give a weak effect in the treatment of these pathologies. Therefore, local and general procedures are used for their treatment, including the use of therapeutic mud. With the help of mud (pelotherapy), you can stop the development of the disease and improve health.

How does dirt treat joints?

Most articular pathologies are associated with the destruction of cartilage tissue. The degenerative process is caused by infection, rheumatism, age-related changes, trauma, increased stress and other factors. The result is the same - the cartilage is gradually deformed and erased, and the joint loses its mobility. In some diseases, bone and periarticular tissues are involved in the process.

Peloids applied to the body have a high level of heat saving, therefore they do not release heat released from the body. To enhance the warming effect, the dirt is heated to a temperature of 40-46 degrees before applying.As a result, the affected joints are heated from the inside.

With this procedure, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, slags, toxins and excess fluid leave, swelling disappears and the process of tissue regeneration starts. Joints gradually gain mobility, crunch, stiffness disappear, salt deposits dissolve.

Antibiotic and hormone-like substances contained in therapeutic mud, as well as painkillers, relieve pain and inflammation without the use of drugs. The patient does not have to drink hormones that have a negative effect on the body. To enhance the process, mud therapy is combined with medication, massage, therapeutic baths, exercise therapy, inductothermia and DVM-therapy.

An excellent effect is given by mud cure for gout, a joint disease accompanied by accumulation of uric acid in the body. Due to the adsorbing properties, peloids absorb deposited urinary salts - urates, relieving pain, swelling, resolving gouty nodes (tophi).

What kind of dirt is best for the treatment of articular pathologies

A positive effect in these diseases is observed when using any peloids, but sulfide sludge deposits with a high salt concentration work most effectively.They remove the inflammatory process and draw out excess fluid, along with which slags, toxins, uric acid crystals and cellular agents provoke inflammation.

Salty applications irritate skin receptors, increasing blood flow. As a result, the tissue is better supplied with oxygen and gives off harmful substances.

There are many options for sulphide silt mud, but one of the best is considered to be peloids of the Ural Bear Lake, the salt content of which is 360 g / l, which is higher than in the Dead Sea.

Now, in order to treat the joints, it is not necessary to fly to the Urals, to spend money on flights and accommodation. Peloids are brought to Moscow directly from places of education without conservation, evaporation, other processes that impair their quality. Therefore, having passed mud therapy of joints in the �Pine� hospital,�You can get a result that is not inferior to the effect of staying at the Dead Sea or the Ural Lake Bear.


  • Malignant neoplasms.
  • Severe pathologies of the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs.
  • Recently suffered a stroke or heart attack.
  • Articular lesions caused by chronic infections - brucellosis, syphilis, tuberculosis.
  • Blood clotting disorders due to the risk of bleeding.
  • Decompensated diabetes.
  • Severe condition of the patient, in which any additional load can be dangerous.

How is pelotherapy in case of joint diseases?

In the treatment of 1-2 joints local mud effects are used. Peloids are applied only to the affected area of the type of "gloves", "socks", "trousers", "half-hook" and so on, depending on the location of the lesion.

With polyarthritis, when there are several inflammatory foci, mud baths and wraps are shown. In diseases of a systemic nature, such as rheumatism, they combine local and general effects.

With general procedures, not only the state of a specific area, but also the whole organism is normalized. The process that caused rheumatic joint damage, subsides, and the disease passes into a stage of remission (recovery). Usually, improvements come in 10-15 procedures. In the future, pelotherapy should be carried out twice a year to prevent exacerbations.

Mud therapy is an excellent method for the treatment of articular pathologies. Unlike medication, surgery and painful procedures, it is painless, safe and harmless.

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