What is good for a person almonds?

The beneficial properties of almond have been known for a very long time, which is why this nut is so indisputably popular all over the world. The almond usually has the form of a shrub or tree, which is slightly reminiscent of a peach, and its fruits - round and velvety - also have some definite similarities to the fruits of a peach.

How is almond useful?

Probably, it is not for nothing that scientists have already thought about the relationship of these two gifts of nature, but it is very unlikely, because China is the motherland of peach, and Central Asia is the almond.

The almond itself is an edible core that is hidden behind two solid leaves, which can have a smooth, holey or net-furrowed appearance.

Have you ever seen how an almond tree blooms? Isn't it a beautiful sight? Large single flowers that dot a slender and delicate tree, and a delicate almond fragrance develops in the air.

In addition to its external beauty, which has already been sung many times by writers, poets and artists, this fruit has miraculous properties, and its area of ​​influence is very widespread and wide.

Surely, not everyone knows how useful almonds are, especially for women and children, because it is not so common, and is generally considered to be a rather expensive product. Most often it can be found in the already processed form, for example, in confectionery, in baking or various desserts. However, in order to take advantage of the beneficial properties of this walnut in full, it is best to use it in dried form.

The taste of almonds is bitter, sweet, and thin-walled. Bitter almond is inedible, even poisonous to humans, as it contains a large amount of amygdalin glycoside, which gives this nut its characteristic taste.

Interestingly, if a person eats fifty bitter nuts, it will be a lethal dose for him.

So, the bitter almonds are not consumed in the food industry without prior treatment: they are fried, boiled and calcined, and only then all harmful substances are removed from the almond. But, in fact, it is better not to risk it. Bitter nuts are most often used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

How is almond useful for humans?

We eat sweet almonds, they have an elongated, rounded shape, and also have a characteristic oily taste. It is best to buy dried almonds in the shell, but not roasted or steamed, as in this form most of the useful substances and amino acids that are so useful for the human body are destroyed.

Useful properties of almond

As you already understood, almonds are a storehouse of useful and mineral substances. The first thing I would like to note is the fact that it contains a large amount of essential fatty acids and unsaturated fats, which are literally indispensable for the human body, thanks to them all the harmful cholesterol is derived from it.

Also, almonds contain a large number of important vitamins, for example, B vitamins, which are necessary for healthy growth of hair, teeth and nails, as well as for the youth of the body as a whole.

It also includes vitamin E, which has invaluable antioxidant properties, they are able to prevent the effects of free radicals on the body, in other words, to prevent the development of neoplasms and cancer, which in modern society is a very valuable fact.

Almond is very useful for humans

The nut is also rich in minerals that are necessary for the normal and healthy functioning of the body, these include magnesium, calcium, potassium, which contribute not only to the health of the skeletal system, but also stabilize the cardiovascular system.

In addition, almonds are rich in substances such as pantothenic and folic acid, which brings great benefits to pregnant women, as these substances are actively involved in the formation of the placenta, as well as the nervous tube of the fetus.

The beneficial properties of almonds are constantly studied by leading nutritionists of the world, for a long time they came to the conclusion that in order to constantly receive the daily rate of all the beneficial substances of almonds, it is necessary to eat only 2-3 nuts a day.

Almonds are better not to overeat, especially for people who suffer from the presence of extra pounds, because this is a very high-calorie product - about 650 kcal per 100 g

Eating such a small daily rate, you can adjust the work of internal organs, cleanse the body of harmful substances, and also constantly contribute to improved brain activity.

In addition, almonds can facilitate the course of urolithiasis, and also helps cleanse the blood and remove bile from the body.In addition, note, almonds, like any other nut, perfectly affects men's health, greatly enhancing the potency.

It is impossible not to note the fact that this nut is an excellent remedy for insomnia, eating only a couple of nuts, you can quickly restore fast and healthy sleep, which affects the overall psycho-emotional state of a person.

The fruits of sweet almond are also useful in that they help in the treatment of chronic diseases and also alleviate their symptoms, for example, gastritis, stomach ulcers and diseases of the duodenum. Almond relieves a strong cough and is effective if it is necessary to lower the acidity of the gastric juice. It is also useful for children who are lagging behind.

The use of almond in cosmetology

It has long been known that almonds can be used in cosmetology, as it has an excellent effect on the skin, removing small wrinkles, as well as cleansing from rashes and clogged pores.

From almond milk make various rejuvenating masks and extracts that can be used for the face and body. In cosmetology are very valuable toolswhich are based on almond emulsion and milk, they carefully care for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, soften the skin, giving it an elastic and velvety look. In addition, almond extract is an excellent tool against stretch marks and nasty "orange peel".

Who can not eat almonds?

  • Almonds cannot be eaten by those people who suffer from individual intolerance to its components, and it can occur even in those people who do not suffer from allergies at all.
  • Also, it is better to limit the consumption of almonds to those people who are obese, since such nuts are high in calories, which can lead to a significant increase in weight.
  • Almonds should be reduced to those who suffer from high heart rate.
  • It must be remembered that the unripe almonds are not suitable for human consumption, as it contains cyanides, which can lead to severe poisoning of the body, the same applies to bitter almonds.
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