How can you keep a young woman?

Any woman dreams that her beauty does not fade away when she gets older. We always want life experience not to reflect on the state of our appearance and soul. Only wise women can save beauty. On how to keep the youth of the skin of the face, body and soul, we will reflect today. Only useful and effective tips are collected in our article.

Youth is a great state. At this time, we begin to experience real, bright, adult emotions. We begin to understand people and life. Often, the experience gained in young years, helps to live safely the rest of his life.

Youth is remembered not only due to experienced emotions. At this time, our beauty and health are at their best. Therefore, it is so easy for us to perform “feats” on both the love and career fronts.

Unfortunately, time is not subject to man. Therefore, we begin to appreciate youth only when only memories remain of it.In order to preserve the youth of the body, skin and soul, it is important every day to realize that they pass quickly.


For a long time to keep youth is quite real. To make sure of this, it is enough to look at great actresses who are now about 6– years old, but they look, so that people around you don’t even think that they are so many years old. Radiate youth and feel great can be, regardless of the year of birth specified in the passport.


Despite the fact that now there is a lot of talk about proper nutrition and this has already become a bit boring, nevertheless, it is necessary to adhere to it. In order to look young and beautiful you need to eat products that promote rejuvenation, as well as adhere to the daily regimen.

Your day is guaranteed to start with breakfast. This meal is the most important for the day. No matter how late you are at work, always find time for your morning meal. Just do not eat borscht, pizza, dumplings and fried potatoes in the morning. Especially if these dishes were prepared last night. Porridge, yogurt and vegetable salad will bring your body much more benefits.

For lunch you should be prepared dishes from white meat, fish, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini), rice, buckwheat. Only thanks to these products you will be able to save youth. Aging is inhibited by blueberries, carrots, parsley and celery.

Do not overeat during dinner. Even if you come late from work, try to eat easy-to-digest foods. Do not avoid snacking, hunger is unhealthy. Just snack on nuts, kefir, fruit and low-calorie foods.

Your table should have different products. Indulge yourself with exotic fruits and be sure to eat seafood. They contain the necessary vitamins to preserve youth.

Salt and sugar should be taboo. Since they reduce the whole struggle with youth to zero.

What should you drink?

A huge role in preserving the vitality of the body and soul is played by the drinks that we drink. Soda, alcohol, energy drinks gradually take away your youth. They have too much chemistry. Healthy drinks like tea should come to your aid. Five cups of tea a day is better than green, and you get enough antioxidants. Only this drink should be drunk without sugar.Well, do not forget about two liters of water per day.

We spend too much time in non-ventilated rooms. This has a terrible effect on our skin. Walking in the fresh air is equally useful in any weather, even in the rain. In the summer, do not abuse sunbathing. Spend your walks before lunch as the sun dries the skin. Before going to bed, be sure to breathe fresh air.

To prolong youth, avoid long stays in hot conditions. The optimum temperature should be in the range of 18-25 degrees. So do not get carried away with heaters.

Solarium kills youth. So from a young age, you need to think about what is more important for you: chocolate skin for two weeks or a beautiful appearance throughout life.

Constantly moisturize the skin of the face. To do this, keep near thermal water and wet wipes. After a couple of hours, be sure to wipe your face, neck and hands - this will preserve youth.

It is never too late to play sports. Even at 45 you can become a great fitness instructor. Movement causes the body to be updated, and therefore does not age.Do not hesitate to come to the gym, it will bring you incomparable pleasure.

Communicate with people who are ten years old or more. Even if in the first stages you will not be completely comfortable with them, do not rush to escape. Do not behave defiantly, do not tell the latest gossip about celebrities, behave with dignity and say smart things. Still, you are wiser than the rest. Gradually, the youth will take you to their company, and you will be able to draw on their young energy.

Naturally in order to look at 35 at the age of 35, one must cross out their own bad habits: alcohol, cigarettes, God forbid drugs. It all hurts you.

Be sure to love. This feeling is equally useful at any age. Love heals, rejuvenates the soul, and sex does the same with the body. So do not avoid pleasures and succumb to love more often.

Every day, apply body lotion that will moisturize. And for face use cream. Only two procedures per day will keep the youth of the body and face.

Pay attention to folk remedies: clay, grass, ice. Rejuvenate the skin with cold water. At first, this procedure will not be very pleasant for you, but after getting used to it, you will feel all the benefits.

Stress makes us older.Therefore, eliminate the causes of your nerves and learn how to enjoy every little thing. If you need to get away with uninteresting work for you. Solve family problems.

Find hobbies and friends with whom you can talk not only about business, but also something interesting and modern.

Do not abuse fasting, and especially diets. Believe me, a woman who has five extra pounds looks much younger than a lean lady.

Youth will help to preserve the cosmetology procedures. Do them regularly. Another way to regain a young face is with the help of plastic surgeons. The main thing is not to overdo it. In general, it is better to refer to such doctors in extreme life situations.

It takes care of the youth of the skin of the face and body, starting from 20 years. But the youth of the soul must be taken care of constantly. Love yourself and it does not matter how old you are on your birthday, the important thing is how old you are in heart and soul.

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