How can I cure a throat very quickly?

Virtually any cold disease is accompanied by such a symptom as a sore throat. It can be just red, and maybe even with purulent plugs, which can be considered as white dots on the surface of the throat.

A sore throat is not just an unpleasant sensation, but also an effect that interferes with eating normally, as swallowing any food becomes a punishment due to pain.

If you have a sore throat today, then you definitely can't talk much. To all other, any, even the smallest ailment of the throat, can easily give a temperature, which is completely unhappy.

Of course, the best advice that can be given in such a situation is to refer a person to a doctor. The specialist will assess the degree of neglect and be able to prescribe the right treatment for you, which will quickly put you on your feet.

But what to do if the time for visiting the doctor is sorely lacking, and the throat hurts more and more? The most important thing is not to run this process,as it is possible to reach and purulent tonsillitis, which is very dangerous for its complications, and besides, it is treated with antibiotics, here you can’t help with any folk remedies.


And yet, if the sore neck began to be felt, then how to cure him at home? The most true and common method, which is prescribed by doctors, and popular wisdom, is the usual rinsing.

If you do not have specialized tools, you can save ordinary sea salt or soda. The recipe for rinsing is very simple: a tablespoon of sea salt is added to a glass of warm water.

If there is no sea salt, then a teaspoon of soda, which is diluted not only with a glass of warm water, but also with a couple of drops of iodine, will do. It is necessary to rinse with such solutions according to the principle: the more often - the better. If the throat hurts badly, then you can rinse literally every hour. If it is a little easier, then you can increase the intervals to 5-6 times a day.

If the previous methods do not suit you for some reason, then there is another: squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water. Even just drinking a spoonful of lemon juice can be a good medicine against a sore throat.The solution for rinsing can be induced and on the basis of tincture of calendula or decoction of chamomile, sage.

Folk remedies

Inhalation is a very good and effective way. Very good, if you have a household inhaler, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If there is none, then you do not despair, inhalations can be carried out in another way: it is necessary to put a container with a decoction for inhalation in front of you, cover your head with a large bath towel, and wrap up in a blanket on top.

This is done in order to ensure that all the hot steam and healing properties of the broth flow clearly into the target.

As a decoction for inhalation decoctions suitable from potatoes, as well as from medicinal herbs: sage, chamomile, eucalyptus or calendula.

Healing steam must breathe for about 20 minutes, but do not forget that such procedures can be performed only in the absence of elevated temperature.

What else?

Ginger is very useful for a sore throat, it can be used in any form - as a rinse, or added to tea, you can even just dissolve it in your mouth. Ginger has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, and also warms and disinfects the sore throat.

Effective effect on the sore throat is ligol solution.The method is effective, but not everyone can tolerate such an unpleasant procedure. To quickly cure the throat, it is necessary to lubricate the reddened areas of the throat with a solution of lugol, preferably after each meal or rinse.

Such a tool you can easily find at any pharmacy. For all other sprays and tablets, the choice of which is very large, it is better to be careful, and consult with your doctor about their use.

How to help the child?

All rinsing methods that have been listed for the treatment of adults are absolutely suitable for children. Rinsing is a painless and uncomplicated procedure, however, if due to age characteristics the child cannot cope with rinsing, then douching may be appropriate.

Just prepare a decoction of healing herbs - calendula or peppermint, it should be well warm. Gently pour the broth into the neck of the baby, see that he does not choke.

If there is no high temperature, then you can also steam the legs in a warm bath. In the water, you can add a couple of tablespoons of mustard powder. All inhalation is better to leave for a more adult age.

Both in children and in adults, plenty of drink should be observed during the illness, it is best that this is a warm tea with honey, raspberries and lemon. The healing properties of honey have long been known, it boosts immunity and saturates the body with vitamins. Such a drink would also be very useful: a spoonful of honey and a piece of butter are diluted in a glass of hot milk.

Unconventional medicine

We will talk about a very surprising method of treatment, based on yoga therapy. And let it not surprise you, yoga helps to cope with many ailments, and the throat is only a small part of them.

It is about the Pose of Leo. To learn such a technique, it is not at all necessary to be an advanced yogi, just a little patience and faith in victory is enough. A plus to the cured throat is that such an exercise also helps to tighten the facial muscles, get rid of small facial wrinkles. Here is a free rejuvenation!

About technology. The secret of Lev's Pose is simple, if you do everything correctly, then this exercise provides a sharp inflow of blood to the cervical region, which eliminates infectious diseases of the throat. A very serious approach is to perform an exercise in a pose on your knees, sitting the pelvis on your heels, and putting your palms on your knees.

In a lightweight version, such an exercise can be done simply sitting on a chair or a bed. We inhale, and on expiration we open our mouth wide and push the tongue forward as much as possible, straining all the muscles of the larynx and mouth. Then the tongue is sent to the mouth, where it is maximally twisting to the throat. Such repetitions are done 15 times in one go. It is best to do this exercise as often as possible.

Try at least once to do this exercise, and if you do everything right, then after the first time you will feel a temporary relief. There are many nuances in such therapy, if you are interested in this method, you can find more detailed information on this issue.

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