How can I use pink in the interior? (14 pictures)

What do you associate pink color with? Surely, with a feminine, something puppet, sweet, and possibly childish. In fact, it is - pink hues have always reflected the essence of romantic and tender people, to be sure, this is the color of love, tenderness, sentimentality and sensuality.

In the style of minimalism

Surprisingly, until a certain time there was no clear-cut name of this color at all, because it is not independent, but a light shade of red with admixtures of blue. Nevertheless, today pink, like any other color, is a whole philosophy that can recreate a completely different atmosphere in your home.

In terms of psychology

It is believed that shades of pink, to a greater extent, come to taste gentle and soft people, visionaries and romantics, those who periodically overestimate their capabilities, incorrectly assessing some life situations.

Gentle shade

At the same time, these people are balanced, they are able to remain calm even in the most difficult situations, thereby saving their own nerves and health.To admirers of pink color, both in life and in the interior, naturally, the beautiful half of our society is more concerned.

Very cute

Men are less tolerant to this color, so many couples refuse to use it in the design of their own homes, but in vain.

If it is properly diluted and combined with other tones, you can get successful compositions that will satisfy the most demanding taste.


For example, bright pink with notes of acidity, naturally, will not be able to please everyone, but even men like muted pink pastel shades in the interior of the bedroom, it is perceived as “homely” and affectionate, which is pleasant to relax and feel peaceful.

Very bright color

The bright, but not flashy, shade of this color is able to fill the room with a feeling of carelessness and positiveness, which very quickly suits the taste of women, of those who are careless and cheerful.

Naturally, there are those who make an exception: single women who are accustomed to take on both male and female duties have long lost those priceless notes of carelessness and charm that are inherent only in gentle and vulnerable natures.

It is the environment of pleasant pink shades that can gradually return the need for romance and caress, the body gradually returns to feminine sources. Saturated tones, close to crimson, fuchsia, purple or lilac, can stimulate, increase blood circulation and fill the body with energy.

Bright sofa

With them, it is recommended to use textured fabrics when decorating a room, for example, velvet, suede, velor and so on. However, you need to be careful with them - in excessive quantities they can "weight" the interior.

For each interior - its own shade

If you look at photos with the use of pink flowers, then at first glance it may seem that, most often, it is used just for decoration of girls' bedrooms or children's rooms.


This is true: little princesses literally adore these shades, and if you decide to use it to decorate your own nursery, and the reference pink is not to your taste, you can use its muted and delicate shades, for example, peach, pink cherry, pale pink and so on.

In combination with white

By the way, I would especially like to note the shade of "peach"which is great for the room of an energetic girl, at the same time it creates a pleasant atmosphere in which to relax, both physically and psychologically.

If you like this color, but you are very worried because of its “vanilla” or “sugary”, then you can try to use it in the direction of ethnic decor, because pink is very common in Moroccan, Arab and Indian culture.


Design your bedroom or living room in the spirit of the East, here the shades of romance will play in a completely different way: a feeling of passion and sultry energy will appear in the room. Let's go to the kitchen: did you know that shades of pink cause appetite and the need for sweet?

By the way, kitchens with headsets of such shades literally 20 years ago were popular, and therefore, if you risk portraying something similar, you will also bring retro notes to your apartment.

Interesting shade

For luxurious living rooms in the Empire style, the walls of rich peach or deep pink-purple hue are perfect, but for a room in a modern style it is better to choose discreet purple hues.

What to combine and what to choose?

Naturally, the pink color - no matter how beautiful it may be, can not exist independently, it must be diluted with other shades to obtain a harmonious and atmospheric design. Perhaps the most popular and win-win combination is “white + pink”.


This may be, for example, pastel-pink wallpaper and white furniture or vice versa, do not forget about textiles in the form of pillows and blankets - they are also able to make their own notes of comfort. The same applies to the “black + pink” union, but here it is important not to miss, because against the black (usually furniture or decorative elements on the walls), pink will become brighter, literally burning fire!

Another spectacular and very pleasant composition - "pink + cream" or "pink + beige." Ideal for decoration of children and bedrooms, creates a simple and peaceful atmosphere. The next option is “pink + gray”.

Friends with gray

A noble and elegant combination that is often used in the design of living rooms or dormitories. In the interior there are usually silver elements of decor, for example, mirrors, candlesticks, pillows, velvet and shiny silk fabrics are used as decoration.

If you choose gray walls, you can safely use shades of pink in the elements of furniture decor, for example, curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, paintings, armchairs or even sofas.

Simple and stylish

Another, at first glance, bold, but very interesting decision is “pink + green”: the result is highly customized and refreshing rooms that do a good job with a bad mood.

“Pink + Blue” is not recommended, but “Pink + Blue” - please, add white or cream to the room, in order to give the room more lightness and lightness.

Quiet room

Do not be afraid to experiment, but, in any case, before deciding on some bold combination, attach pieces of the supposed tissues to each other, because the imagination can draw one thing, but in fact it will turn out quite another.

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