How can I use a fresh-water sponge?

Beautiful, fresh, toned and healthy skin of the face is the dream of any woman, no doubt, because this is the first thing that everyone’s attention is drawn to. Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of such an ideal state, with almost every one of us facing minor difficulties or serious problems, but getting rid of them is not as easy as we would like.

A huge variety of cosmetics, which make up the counters of modern stores and supermarkets, does not save much, because most of them are nothing more than a publicity stunt of a regular perfume company. What to do? Are there any cosmetics that can produce a real effect?

A huge selection of brands

It turns out that mother nature herself took care of our health and youth, if you skillfully take advantage of her gifts, you will not have to resort to shopping facilities, which, in general, require a lot of money, and do not bring any special effect.

On the Internet and numerous forums devoted to the secrets of beauty and eternal youth, you can stumble upon a specific name - “Badyaga”. What it is?

If you look at textbooks and encyclopedias, it turns out that a badyaga is such a small plant, and more specifically, a sponge that lives in fresh water and has the appearance of small growths on trees and stones.

Mostly there are young representatives who have a completely small thickness - 2-3 mm, however sometimes perennial plants are caught that can reach 70 cm in length and a few kilograms of weight!

You can meet such a plant in rivers and lakes, and they will differ in appearance. Usually pickled grapes are harvested in summer, the plant is dried, and then used for cosmetic purposes.

It is worth noting that badyaga is a wonderful remedy that is used to fight acne, acne and ulcers, pigmentation spots, small scars and irregularities that can spoil even the most beautiful face.

In addition, this plant is a good tool for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, and other similar problems.Most often, this tool is found in two main types: ointment or powder, which usually have not the most pleasant appearance and especially sharp smell. Which of them is more effective - it is difficult to say, everyone makes his own decision through direct application on himself.

What effect does the skin have?

Most often, the powder or gel is used as one of the main ingredients of facial masks, which, in turn, have a rather powerful exfoliating and resorptional effect.

When applying the product to the skin, there is usually a bright tingling sensation, thus, in the upper layers of the skin, local blood circulation is intensified, due to which cleansing is performed, the pores are narrowed, pigment spots are absorbed, and the dead cells are peeled off.

Such a seemingly uncomplicated effect, and the result is simply amazing - tightened, resilient, light and elastic skin of the face. If cleansing sessions with badyagi conduct systematically, you can achieve the disappearance of acne and acne.

Get a good mask

Of course, as soon as you learn so many useful properties about a particular tool, you want to immediately run to the pharmacy, buy it and begin to act.But, before doing so, it is necessary to find out that the badyaga is a specific remedy, which, as it turned out, does not suit everyone, and in some cases can even cause serious irritations and allergic reactions.

Of course, before applying it is better to consult with a cosmetologist or a dermatologist, but if there is no such possibility, then you can conduct a personal test for the compatibility of your skin with such a preparation. To do this, it is enough to prepare a mask that you want to use in the future, and then put a few drops of it on the elbow bend, hold it, rinse with warm water in 15-20 minutes.

Watch your sensations, the treated area of ​​skin may turn slightly red, tingling and tingling appear, which can last from 20 minutes to several hours. If the reaction began to deteriorate, there are pronounced redness, irritation and severe itching, then you cannot use the badyag in your case.

In addition, this drug can not be used if you are a sensitive skin, which is sloping to peeling, dehydration, and also prone to excessive hair.Application badyagi also contraindicated in the presence of acne in the severe stage of inflammation.

How to apply the badyah?

The most common area of ​​application for badyagi is the fight against acne, acne and acne. For these purposes, we have a very effective mask: the powder of the badyagi is mixed with hydrogen peroxide in such proportions that the result is a mushy mixture.

This mask should be applied gently, with a thin layer and without rubbing into the surface of the epidermis, its effect you will feel well without it. This mask should be held for 10-15 minutes, then lightly smooth movements remove cotton swabs and warm water.

On the surface of the skin should be felt light heat, tingling and redness - the process of activating blood circulation started.

Instead of peroxide, you can use talc and white clay. Such a mask is prepared in the following proportions: three parts of clay, and one part of talc and badyagi.

In the end, you should get a kashitseobraznaya mass, which, as in the first case, it is necessary to apply and, after time, gently wash off. After the procedure, it is desirable to put on the face a light nourishing cream, the effect of which will increase many times after treatment with a badagi.

It should be remembered that after such procedures, a slight irritation may appear on the skin, therefore it is better to spend them at night and in autumn or winter, when exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the street is minimal.

In addition to acne and the overall tone of the skin of the face, badyag is often used to get rid of stretch marks that can occur on the body as a result of sudden gain or weight loss, during pregnancy or other serious effects on the skin.

The composition of such a healing agent is as follows: mix one bag of powder with ointment or gel of a badyagi from a tube, and also add 40 ml of peroxide. Everything is thoroughly mixed to achieve a more fluid consistency, you can add a little water.

Be sure to test before use.

The prepared mass is applied to clean problem skin, here it must be rubbed quite actively, with massage movements for 15 minutes. Then, without washing the mixture from the skin, it is necessary to wrap it in cling film, leave for 30 minutes.

Watch the time, more than the set minutes, it can not be kept, otherwise you can get unpleasant complications on the skin. After 30 minutes, the film is removed, all washed off with warm water, and then put on clean cotton underwear without synthetic impurities.It is necessary to carry out such a procedure no more than once every 10–15 days; small wounds may form at the site of the stretch, do not worry, this is normal.

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