How can camphor alcohol be used?

Camphor is a frequently used component of various drugs commonly used in traditional medicine. This substance of plant origin, has incredible healing properties. On the basis of camphor, camphor alcohol is prepared, about the action and application of which we will talk today.

Natural Healer

Camphor can be obtained by natural and synthetic means. In the first case, it is mined from any part of the laurel tree, in the second, it is synthesized in the laboratory.

But both options are non-toxic, and do not contain any chemical additives. That is why, at observance of rules of use, means is absolutely safe for health.

Let's understand what effect camphor alcohol has, and why is it so valuable?

  1. It has powerful antiseptic and bactericidal properties.
  2. Promotes active tissue renewal and eliminates inflammatory processes.
  3. It has a warming effect (this item is especially noted by those who suffer from pain in the joints).
  4. Due to the sharp smell it helps to “start” the activity of the nervous system and bring the person out of his unconscious state.
  5. It can be used as an antispasmodic (in particular, with bronchospasm).
  6. Expands the walls of blood vessels, thereby improving the blood circulation process.
  7. Helps to get rid of various types of intoxication, as well as various viruses, bacteria and parasites.

But it is always necessary to remember that the use of any folk remedy requires expert advice. After all, even such a natural and generally safe product like camphor alcohol can cause undesirable consequences. In particular, overdose can cause burns and muscle spasms.

Universality - the main horse

How can you use this natural product? Sure, if you ask the grandmothers, they will tell you some useful recipes. And we gathered them together.

Cold and SARS

With a sore throat, coughing and even bronchitis camphor can be a great help. It can be used for steam inhalations. Due to its moisturizing properties, coughing attacks are facilitated, and nasal breathing is improved.

You can also prepare the composition for grinding.It will require mutton or goat fat and 1 tsp. camphor alcohol. Rub this tool at bedtime in the chest, back, feet and neck.


Compresses are effective for the treatment of inflammation of the middle ear. But it is worth remembering that pure camphor with alcohol is not used, as this can cause burns. It is recommended to use diluted with water tincture in a ratio of 1: 1.

The gauze cut is moistened in the prepared liquid, put around the sore ear, covered with cellophane and fixed with any tissue cut. The maximum duration of such a procedure is 2 hours.

Dermatological diseases

Many of them are accompanied by itching and irritation. The easiest way to eliminate these unpleasant symptoms is to smear affected areas with camphor. Especially effective tool in the case of eczema.


They are familiar not only to teenagers, but also to many adults due to the peculiarities of their skin. To reduce the number of acne on the face will help "talker", which is prepared from 5 tab. streptotsida, 2 tab. chloramphenicol, 10 ml of salicylic and 50 ml of camphor alcohol.

You can also add a few drops to a regular lotion that you use daily.

Alcohol is also used to eliminate pigmentation, narrow pores, eliminate oily sheen.Also a good idea was the soap, which, in addition to the camphor base, also contains chamomile, citric acid and peroxide.

Pain in muscles and joints

There is a benefit from camphor and for sore joints. It is well numbed in combination with other components, removes swelling and reduces inflammation. To do this, add a little iodine, a powder of analgin, prepared from tablets, and pour in vodka.

Rubbing do 2-3 times a day.

But it is important to remember that any remedy for treatment, including folk remedies, may have contraindications. In this case, they are:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • convulsions and epilepsy;
  • not recommended for children.

Neglect of these items and independent application without first consulting a doctor can cause tachycardia, dizziness and even convulsions.

Camphor's essential oil does not dissolve in water, but in combination with alcohol retains and even enhances its useful properties. A wide range of actions makes it possible to use this tool to get rid of many problems. Be healthy!

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