How beautiful to tie a scarf, shawl, stole

For silk or satin scarves, the Hanging Scarf method is recommended. The product, tied with similar equipment, perfectly protects the chest from the wind during a walk. To tie a hanging scarf, you need:

  1. Wrap the product 1 or 2 times around the neck. In this case, the ends should hang down.
  2. Thread the right end into the loop.
  3. Fill the left edge in the opposite direction.

Some kind of "hanging scarf" can be considered "wrapping a scarf." This method is also suitable for satin or silk products. The difference of this technique from the previous one is that the ends of the scarf need to be removed behind the back.

How beautiful to tie a scarf

A shawl is a type of scarf that usually has a square shape. Most often, a scarf is used as a headdress. Therefore, the tying techniques of this product are aimed at this. For example, you can:

  1. Wrap a scarf around your head and fasten it to the back of your head.
  2. Twist the ends of the product on the forehead and form a knot.
  3. Fill the ends of the knots under the main part of the scarf.

How beautiful to tie a tippet

The tippet is a shawl that is rectangular, not square. It is used as a shawl. Therefore, to meet the instructions where you need to wrap the product around the neck is difficult enough. Instead, you can find a similar list:

  1. Put the tippet on your shoulders.
  2. Remove the ends of the product behind the back and tie into a knot.
  3. Hide the knot with the rest of the flap.

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