How beautiful to dress in the rain?

It is raining outside and you are upset that you have to give up the chosen set of clothes or do you need to take a taxi again? Stop looking for spare options, we offer to discover a new fashion page - weather and rain clothing. We have selected a few suitable items for you. Check if they have you.

According to the weather

The fact that you definitely need an umbrella is a fact. Do not be greedy, and buy a quality one, so as not to try to turn it out, standing in the pouring rain, when the wind does its job. Well, remember that the image consists of trifles, so you can, of course, use the ancient grandmother's accessory, but still recommend buying a stylish model that will perfectly complement your bow.

What other things can you use to create an image in the rain?

1. Rubber boots. Must have for rainy autumn and spring, moreover, will fit in summer rain. Fortunately, their choice is now huge, and the demand has inspired designers to create truly fashionable and beautiful models.Tall, short, with bows, patterns and other decorations, it is often difficult to distinguish them from ordinary shoes.

If you can not imagine yourself in shoes with flat shoes, do not worry, for those who like heels there are such models.

And so that your feet are not cold, feel free to wear woolen socks.

2. Trenchcoat. This detail of the women's wardrobe was created for the bad weather. Stylish, waterproof and windproof, trench coat is always on the crest of fashion. Modern models sew from special fabrics with special impregnation, which will not allow to get wet your favorite blouse. In addition, the trench coat fits easily into any ensemble - both with a skirt or dress, and with pants.

3. Rain coat / raincoat.Fortunately, those times have passed when, apart from the usual rain coat made of thin polyethylene, there was nothing more to choose. Today, this clothing has become a real fashion designer, and not only children, but also adults can dress in it.

Raincoat - excellent weather protection. In addition, you can choose any model - a cape, a transparent coat or a jacket with an original print.

4. Moisture-proof bag.Textiles and suede for weather are not suitable, due to wetting, they can lose both color and shape, and, worst of all, let the moisture inside. Therefore, preference should be given to good old skin.

And, of course, do not forget about the accessories that will make the image complete, and you will be given extra comfort, and, importantly, warmth - scarves, scarves, stoles, hats and gloves. And let no bad weather can ruin your mood when you look fashionable.

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