What are useful and harmful electronic cigarettes?

About 10 years ago, the majority of heavy smokers were faced with the question of using another novelty in the world of electronic devices, electronic cigarettes. Not so much time has passed since then, but such gadgets firmly settled on the market and even managed to acquire a certain level of reputation.

Most people think that electronic cigarettes are another harmless way to say goodbye to the bad habit of smoking, but is this really so? Is it possible, with the help of some strange gadget, to overcome such harmful addiction, and is everything as safe as it is told in advertising campaigns?


Let's try to figure it out. According to French scientists, e-cigarettes are 100 times less toxic than conventional tobacco products, which is why they are so often recommended to those who try to quit smoking.

In order to understand all the advantages of electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to become familiar with the principle of the "work" of ordinary ones.In the process of smoking, a person strives to get pleasure from inhaling tobacco smoke, as well as from the process itself, which manifests itself in certain manipulation of a cigarette, the ability to create for himself a small instant of "rest."

Regardless of which tobacco products you smoke - light, heavy, ladies' or with a double filter - they all contain nicotine. The process of smoldering tobacco is accompanied by the release of ammonia, arsenic, carbon monoxide and other substances harmful to the human body.

If we don’t talk about serious diseases that regular smoking can lead to, it’s enough that the usual tobacco products have bad breath and clothes, and if this habit has been going on for years, then, over time, an unpleasant yellow patina appears on the teeth, lips and hands - the result of tar deposition. The use of electronic cigarettes will allow smokers to avoid many of the above problems.

Difference of electronic cigarettes from ordinary tobacco products

And now it's time to figure out what e-cigarettes are and how they work? The main advantage of such gadgets is their device: the main components are the battery and the evaporator, which,primarily characterized by the volume of the fluid cartridge.

The principle of operation is simple: in the evaporator there is a thread, which transfers the liquid to the spiral, where it evaporates with each of your inhalations, getting into the lungs of the smoker. Liquid for cartridges is nicotine (nicotine is found in very small quantities) or nicotine-free. Of course, the latter option is the best solution for those who really want to quit smoking.

Different tastes

However, even the harm from electronic cigarettes with nicotine cartridges is much lower than from tobacco counterparts. The fact is that modern E-devices do not emit all those harmful substances, which are the products of burning tobacco.

Therefore, with their use, you can avoid yellow raids and unpleasant smell, plus to everything, they are absolutely safe for people around them, so they can be smoked in public places without risking someone's health.

Electronic cigarettes can be safely smoked at the airport, cafes, parks and on the street, which is a great advantage for many smokers. The benefits of E-devices and their cost-effectiveness: of course, the price of an electronic cigarette is much higher than the cost of a pack of cigarettes.But do not worry, you will quickly pay back the purchase, besides, you will be surprised by the ease of use and refilling of the cartridge.

How to choose an electronic cigarette?

If you decide that you want to try to change your life for the better with the help of this device, then you will surely think about how to choose a quality E-cigarette.

The first thing you need to know is the presence of various types of such gadgets, the range of which varies greatly depending on the size of the cigarette. E-devices are super-mini, mini, classic and a separate class, which is presented in the form of cigars or pipes.

Super mini and mini cigarettes are similar to the usual tobacco products, both in size and appearance. Their length can vary from 84 mm to 120 mm, usually the volume of the cartridge, which is put on such models, lasts for about 250 breaths (about 1 pack of regular cigarettes).

Female option

Classic E-devices visually resemble a pen or marker, the length of the product reaches 140-170 mm, they are very popular among smokers. This fact is explained by a pleasant ratio of characteristics: the volume of the cartridge is equal to about 20 regular cigarettes, and the battery capacity is enough to use the device for a whole day without recharging.

The most powerful in use are tubes and cigars, their sizes are close to natural ones, and you can replace the cartridges and charge the battery every few days.

When choosing such a gadget, it is mainly necessary to pay attention to the battery and the evaporator. The battery capacity should be selected depending on how much you smoke. For example, if you take about 10 ordinary cigarettes a day, then you will have enough 500 mA / h battery, if more than 10, choose a capacity of more than 900 mA / h.

Cool option

The evaporator is also an important part of the E-device; it is he who will create his favorite steam clubs. They can differ in design and size, as well as some technical characteristics, in particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the volume of evaporator cartridges, it will depend on it how long the device can work without refilling.

And the disadvantages?

And yet, against the backdrop of a decent number of advantages, the question always arises, what are the dangerous nature of such cigarettes, do they really have no flaws?

There are different options

You can answer this question with the following observation: we must not forget that electronic cigarettes have appeared on the market relatively recently, butThis means that too little time has passed for collecting and confirming scientific data that would talk about their effectiveness and complete safety.

Therefore, an unequivocal answer to this question simply does not exist, but we must not forget that E-devices with nicotine cartridges are still evil, even though they have been downgraded many times.

That is why they, like ordinary tobacco products, are forbidden to be sold to persons under the age of 18, and those who have not smoked before should not begin now, even with less harmful electronic devices.


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