Hot insomnia: 20 tips on how to keep cool in the bedroom

If your apartment has air conditioning, then we go to you. Joke. But seriously - what to do if heat and heat interfere with sleep.

In winter, we complain that it is too cold, and in summer - that it is too hot. But if in winter the problem with comfort is solved with warm pajamas and excess blanket, then in the summer everything is more complicated. According to doctors, the optimum temperature for sleep is from +16 to +21 degrees. And the head should be cooler than the body - so the body recovers more effectively after a hard day. Therefore, we sleep under a blanket. But now, when it’s +30 outside, it’s even sick to think about a blanket, and you can forget about +20 in an apartment.

Yes, in the offices, most have air conditioning. But at home ... In this heat and stuffiness it is simply impossible to fall asleep. But do not sleep well at work! We have collected 20 tips on how to help ourselves sleep without spending on air conditioning.

how to sleep in the heat
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1.Put the bedding in the bag, and then in the freezer for a couple of minutes. If there is no place, try to stuff there at least a pillowcase. This will give you a head start - you will have time to fall asleep while the laundry is cool.

2.Pour ice water into plastic bottles. It is better to sleep with them in an embrace: you need to cool the key points. And this bends the elbows, knees, wrists, feet and neck. You can even freeze the bottle and put in bed. Just wrap it with a cloth so that the sweaty bottle does not wet the bed.

3.Pour cold water into a spray bottle and sprinkle your face, neck, and knees to cool.

4.Well cools body cream based on aloe. Even better - if it is stored in the refrigerator.

5.Bed linen should be made from natural breathable fabrics. Best of all - silk, linen and high-quality cotton. Synthetics will make your life only worse.

6.Follow the diet: too much protein increases the metabolic rate, and you heat up faster, says with reference to the somnologist expert Dave Gibson.

7.But spicy food, oddly enough, helps to cool down, because it makes us sweat, and this lowers body temperature. But you need it at least three hours before bedtime.

8.Exercise in the morning, not in the evening: exercise increases the body temperature.

9.Take a warm shower, not cold.We are so arranged that if suddenly the ambient temperature cools down sharply, the body will begin to work to preserve heat. And this is now absolutely useless.

10.Keep windows closed, curtains closed. So the heat from the street will be less penetrate into the apartment. Better if the curtains are dark. How else to cool a room without air conditioning, read HERE.

how to cool an apartment without air conditioning
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11.Turn off all electrical appliances in the bedroom, as they heat up and heat the air. Yes, the chargers are also concerned.

12.Turn on the fan at night. He will expel the hot air from the room, and cool night air will replace him. And the breeze will give at least an illusion of freshness.

13.Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. This will cool the air more effectively.

14.Drink plenty of water, but not at night. The fluid must be absorbed evenly throughout the day. And if you drink more glass for the night, you will have to get up, and then again it will be difficult to fall asleep.

15.If you live not alone, sleep separately. Two bodies - twice as much heat.

16.It is best to get out of bed much lower and sleep on the floor.

17.Wear socks lightly moistened with cold water at night.If you sleep in a T-shirt, you can also sprinkle it with water.

18.Rinse your hands and feet with cold water before you go to bed.

19.Keep menthol oil next to the pillow. When it is hot, you can put a drop on the forehead - the oil will help the head to cool.

20.An hour before bedtime, put a wet flannel rag in the fridge. Going to bed, put it on your forehead - so you fall asleep faster.

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