Homemade meringue is crunchy and tender

Gentle, airy, light and incredibly tasty - this is only a small part of those compliments that perfectly characterize the wonderful and unique dessert meringue.

It can be different - crispy and crumbly, or, conversely, viscous and soft inside, covered with a ruddy and crispy crust. It is impossible to remain indifferent to such exquisite desserts - you can either love it with all your heart, or you simply can not tolerate the sweet.

Crispy crust

The history of the appearance of such an amazing dish in our culinary books is ambiguous: according to one of the versions, meringue appeared thanks to the ingenuity of the Swiss culinary specialist Gasparini, who felt sorry for the extra proteins that remained after cooking dinner.

He did not invent anything complicated, but simply mixed the whites with sugar, whipped them well and sent them to bake. At that time, he lived in the city of Meiringen, whence the second name for meringue came - meringue.

According to another version, meringue was invented by the famous pastry chef Francois Massialo, who not only invented it, but also wrote it in a cookbook, which, in turn, was actively used by other pastry chefs.By the way, it is interesting that the word “baiser” is translated from French as “kiss”, very romantic, in other respects, like everything that is connected with France and its history.

Looks great

There are other equally sophisticated and sophisticated names - “Spanish wind”, “love meringues” and others. For many housewives, especially beginners, to prepare home-made meringues is an action, equivalent to the field of fiction, because, according to their reasoning, it only seems that the technology of its preparation is simple and straightforward. Indeed, is it difficult to beat the protein with sugar and bake it to the desired state?

It turns out that young housewives are not in vain for fear of how everything is refined and incredibly tasty, such a dessert also has many pitfalls and currents that are important to know before cooking and the first disappointment.

Chic roll

The composition of the meringues is really simple, there should be no difficulties, but in order to get a delicate and fragile substance, you have to work hard, because it is quite capricious and characteristic. But, do not despair, armed with the necessary theoretical knowledge, you will definitely be able to overcome this culinary peak.

So, what you need to know for successful preparation of meringues?

To begin with, there are three main ways to prepare them: French, Italian and Swiss, each of which has its own special technology.

  • The French way, perhaps, is the simplest and fits perfectly for those who are just starting to try themselves in this culinary field. With it, you get a lush protein mass, which is great for making simple shapes, thin patterns and cute roses here will not work because of too liquid texture. Such meringue is prepared this way: slightly salted cooled proteins are whipped to a dense foam, then sugar is gradually added, and the whole mass should be transformed into a very thick, resembling sour cream.
  • The Italian method is ideal for making cream for cakes and pastries, for example, it is easy for them to fill eclairs and tubules. The essence of the method is that instead of sugar or powdered sugar, as in the previous method, use thick sugar syrup, which is poured into proteins in a thin stream in a hot state. The result is a cream meringue, which does not fall off and can easily be mixed with butter,unlike ordinary meringues.
  • The most time-consuming method, which may not work out the first time, is Swiss. The whole cooking process must also be accompanied by a steam bath, on the basis of which all the whipping of proteins takes place. Such complexities bear fruit: the meringue prepared in the Swiss way, the most persistent and dense, with its help you can draw various patterns and bake the most incredible pechenyushki.

Tips for cooking lush and tender meringues

Tea party

After you have decided on the method of preparation, you should still look at the small endurance of the main recommendations of experienced culinary specialists who will help you to properly and quickly master the preparation of meringues.

  • In order for the meringues to turn out really tasty, the proteins must be necessarily fresh and chilled, only in this way will they really be whipped into a thick and airy mass. Separating the yolk from the protein, carefully make sure that even a drop of the yolk does not get into the wrong place, otherwise it can spoil all your efforts. Each egg is better to break above utensils, separate from that in which the total mass of proteins is stored, because nobody surprises with a missing egg.
  • Sugar, which you will add to the cooking process, is preferably ground into powdered sugar, thus, it will dissolve easier and faster, and the taste or color of the protein mass will not affect in any way. Poorly dissolved sugar grains can creak on the teeth in a ready-made dessert.
  • Utensils in which you whip proteins, should be perfectly clean, without inclusions of fat or any other impurities that can spoil all your efforts. By the way, in order for the protein mass not to lose its snow-white color and not change it to en gray, you can beat it in any dish, most importantly, not aluminum.
  • If you decide to cook meringue with a recipe, which involves the use of nuts, starch or flour, it is important to remember that they need to sift well, and fry the nuts and grind as thin as possible.
  • Many housewives are attracted to the recipes of meringue baskets, but how to bake them? To do this, on the back of baking paper, draw even circles (for example, circle a mug), use a pastry syringe with which to squeeze out the mass and fill smooth circles. On the edge of the circles, the dough should be deposited in the form of a rim with a solid stripe, and after baking, fill the baskets with stuffing with jam or other cream.
  • Usually baking meringue uses special paper for baking, which must first be oiled. With such paper, small desserts are easily removed, but large meringue cakes for a cake are more difficult: to do this, put the cake along with the paper on the edge of a flat surface and slowly begin to pull out the paper, holding the meringue with your other hand.

How to cook meringue?

So, let's try to bake our first meringues, and for this we need:

  • 2 pcs. egg whites;
  • 100 g of sugar.

Separate the yolks from proteins, can be a special device, but it is possible in the old manner, with the help of his own shells. In dry and clean dishes, we begin to beat the whites with a whisk or a mixer, when a good fluffy foam is formed, we begin to add sugar gradually.

Beat until the formation of dense peak (meringue stretches beyond the whisk and does not fall down), if the sugar is not enough, then add more. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, spoon our meringues. Sent in the oven for 1 hour at a temperature not exceeding 100 °, then reduce it to 60 ° and leave in the oven for another 1 hour.

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