Home-made cider is a great drink for your mood.

If you are unexpectedly pleased with an impressive harvest of apples, then the most delicious and easy way to cope with this volume is to make delicious homemade cider. Many people are familiar with such a drink, it is also called apple wine, as it is obtained mainly by fermentation of apples, although sometimes pears and other garden berries are added to it. However, he became famous thanks to his unique honey-apple note.

The original drink is considered to be used for the preparation of which only apples and sugar are used: by fermenting the juice of apples, this light and aromatic alcoholic drink is obtained. By the way, its strength is even lower than that of grape wine - about 5-7 degrees.

Today, there are recipes and with the use of yeast, the amount of sugar can vary, which, in the future, will affect the strength of the drink, here it is already as you like. In this regard, even there is a classification of cider: it can be traditional, dry and sweet.

It is believed that this effervescent and tasty drink came to us straight from France, although some experts claim that references to it can be found even in ancient Egyptian history.

According to one of the legends that have come down to us, the creator of this drink was none other than Charlemagne, who accidentally sat on a bag of overripe apples, which were crushed and, as a result, cider came out of them. The legend though and comic, however, from it it is possible to judge age of the given drink - already about 10 centuries!

Of course, today a ready-made drink can always be found on the market, but more and more ordinary people are thinking how to cook homemade cider? If you think that it is very difficult - do not rush to conclusions. In fact, the most tedious process in the whole process is waiting time while the apples are fermenting, but you can be sure that your work will be fully justified by an excellent result!

Choosing apples

Since this drink is prepared solely from apples, it is necessary to approach the issue of their choice responsibly, because it is from them that the final taste of the home cider will depend. Officially, 48 varieties of apples are allowed for the industrial production of this drink, however, at home, no one forbids the use of any varieties that you have available.

The main thing is that they should not be overripe or, on the contrary, green and sour. The most delicious are late winter varieties, since they contain a large number of tannins and sugars, as a result, the drink turns out to be more saturated and fragrant.

Harvested apples should be examined for spoilage or rot, cut bad pieces, and, ideally, only whole, soft, and no traces of blows should be used to make cider.

Depending on the recipe, apples can be washed or simply wiped with a damp cloth (it is believed that natural yeast accumulates on the peel), then they are freed from the core and the stem. And one more secret is that in order for the taste of apple cider to be as rich and unique as possible, it is necessary to use apples of the same variety.

Classic cider recipe

You will need apples and sugar from the following calculation: one liter of apple juice contains about 200 g of granulated sugar. Also, do not forget to prepare a container in which the juice will ferment: usually, dark glass bottles or ordinary 3 or 5-liter jars are used for this, depending on how much apple juice you get.

First of all, from the prepared apples you need to get the juice: for this you need a juicer, which is to cope with this task. The resulting apple juice is poured into a prepared bottle - it must first be thoroughly rinsed and boiled.

In apple juice you need to add sugar, following from the proportions. To make it better dissolved - it must be diluted in a small amount of juice, and only then pour the sweet mass into a common container.

Now comes the longest process - the time of fermentation. On the jar of juice you need to install a water seal (a special lid with a straw), if there is no one, you can do it yourself. In a regular lid, a hole is made into which you need to insert the tip of the tube (it can be purchased from the usual dropper kit at the pharmacy).

The resulting gaps need to drip wax or gloss over with clay. Instead of a cap, you can use a regular rubber glove with a small hole in your finger. Now the bank is plugged with a water seal and the whole structure is installed in a dark place to roam.

Now you just have to wait: you will understand when the process of fermentation begins.In the lid starts to gurgle, and the glove will rise, like a vote. All this should last 50-60 days, after which a clear sediment forms at the bottom of the jar - you must get rid of it.

To do this, all the liquid must be gently poured into another jar through the tube. This is easy: remove the septum, we put the clean end of the tube into the juice, and at the other end we draw in the air, so that the liquid starts to rise up the tube, but, at the same time, it does not get into the mouth.

To do this, quickly lower the second end into the prepared clean container and drain the juice. When the bottom remains only a deposit, remove the tube, rinse the bottle thoroughly from the sediment and dry it.

Now, again, we pour it back into the container, re-install the water seal and send our drink again. By the way, at this time you can already try your future apple cider, and, if necessary, add some more sugar so that it does not turn out to be too sour.

Do not be surprised, but the second time the fermentation process will no longer be so vigorous, it will stop in about 3-4 months, then it will be possible to taste the finished apple wine.According to the recipe, cider should acquire a pleasant amber color and transparency, and then it can already be poured into beautiful bottles and sealed for storage.

This homemade cider is very tasty to use, both in cold and heated form - add a little clove and cinnamon to it for a sharp sensation.

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