The holder for the iPhone from a plastic card

Are you tired that the iphone is just lying on the table meaninglessly, while you could display photos or show time? Make a simple and fast holder for your phone from a plastic card. All you need is a couple of minutes and scissors. There are a lot of life hacking how to make a stand for iPhone, but my instruction is the simplest.

A holder for iPhone from a plastic card

Stage 1: Find a card

A plastic card

This is a plastic card from a pharmacy in New York, which I’d ​​hardly ever be able to use, since it’s unknown whether I’ll have to go there yet. You can get a map anywhere. Surely, today you have already been offered something in the store, or your purse from all these cards is barely closed.

Stage 2: Flexion

Bend the map

Bend in half!

Stage 3: Cutting

Cut the map

Cut the map

Now we take the scissors and cut out, as shown in the picture. It is difficult to cut two layers at once, so straighten the card and cut each side in turn. To match the cut, after you finish with one part, attach it to the second and draw a line around the cut with a pencil.

Step 4: And now ... in fact, everything is ready

Iphone holder

Iphone holder

A holder for iPhone from a plastic card

Look at this! Already done! Now just put your iPhone in the holder and install some cool application that will show you something interesting.

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