Heirs - a new trend of the season

Surely, many of us have long been familiar with such a wardrobe accessory, like footprints. But if earlier they were used solely for convenience, trying to make them invisible, then today the fashion for them has literally captured the whole world. In addition, now it is not at all those nylon products that let the arrows after the first socks. Footprints (they are the same footings and steppes) have become almost a real designer accessory. We are pleased to tell you more about this.

Again a trend

The role of this accessory can not be understated. Firstly, he saves his feet from rubbing and the formation of painful corns, and secondly, you will agree that it is not too hygienic to shoe sneakers or shoes on bare feet, and walk in them all day.

The foot sweats, and because of this an unpleasant smell is formed, which then is not so easy to remove from the shoes. In this case, “traces” are an ideal absorbent. Well, if you look at the fashion shows of famous designers, you can take note of a large number of stylish images with these cute little things.

How to choose steppes?

To begin with, we suggest to talk about men (not all women be first). At one time, they were very scornful of this detail of the wardrobe, afraid to look stupid, but now, when the choice is really great, they have radically changed their opinion.

In the warm season the representatives of the stronger sex like to wear not only classic trousers, but also their various shortened versions, as well as shorts. In this case, it is important to remember the rule: the shorter the legs, the shorter the socks should be. I'm sure you've seen the men in shorts and socks, more like golfs, more than once.

With cropped models of pants, moccasins or loafers are usually worn, and under them stylists recommend wearing men's footprints in tint of natural fabric with silicone stripes. The latter will help the impression to keep on foot and not to look out at the wrong moment.

Let barefoot be only imaginary.

Now about the girls. Here, of course, there is where to roam fantasies and creativity.

For athletic shoes it is better to buy heels made of special, well absorbing moisture and "breathing" material. And antibacterial impregnation will help protect your feet from the appearance of fungi and other troubles.

Summer shoes, though, can be worn on a bare foot, but it is, most often, the most troublesome napping. Because choosing nylon products, you protect yourself from such problems. Ankle boots, summer boots, sleepers and even boats imply the wearing of the footprints.

In the case of shoes with an open toe, you can buy special steposes with a cut on the fingers. They are made from the finest material that will be invisible on the foot, but will give you a feeling of comfort.

But all this is a classic. And what designers offer for those who like to experiment?

Lacy female models can be safely worn with open shoes, so they will serve as decorative decoration, and give a touch of sexuality.

The color options will hide perfectly under the closed shoes, but if you want to add a little boldness to your style, then release their edges over the top of the shoes or ballet flats.

Another trend is the contrast. Do you have a pair of red shoes? Fine, then it is worthwhile to pick up white heels, or vice versa. And in this case, you can not worry that steppes will be visible. It should be so.

Simple and irreplaceable, heels became a real rage.And their variety allows you to choose the right pair for almost any image. Why not experiment? After all, life will be full of colors only when we bring them into it.

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