Headdress «Wolka» - a fashion trend with their own hands, pattern

  • I wore this “invention” 40 years ago, in kindergarten. Yes, and sell it to the market. So, nothing new. Just another attempt to remind myself.

  • I really like this dress, but on the pattern I do not understand what to stitch with what

    • Anonymous

      And what you do not understand. The detail that with the ears connect to the central part and on the other hand, sew one more detail with the ears (only in the mirror image with respect to the first with the ears, taking into account the face-wrong side)

    • Alla, there it is not shown, that there should be 2 details of figured (which with "ears"). A rectangle is sewn between these 2 parts, starting from the forehead to the neck. And there must be a lining, which is cut out by the same patterns. Those. 3 parts top and 3 parts lining.

  • Great idea! I really like it. Thank you for the pattern, although, perhaps, it will have to be slightly adjusted to its size.

  • What a sensation, the actress collected 1,5 lyama people and came up with a hood, and if she podnapryazhetsya and lengthen the ends of the cap thenwill invent a scarf, there will be a sensation.

    • lyudmila

      Well, flag in hand, go for it. Envy is bad quality.

    • Anonymous

      poor Mary, I would like to meet your sensations ...

  • Elena

    Well done, Catherine! Everything new is well forgotten old! And neither a handkerchief, nor a hood, nor a hood. There is some kind of zest! Not everyone can think of such a simple solution.

  • Irina

    I liked the idea of ​​Catherine. Especially with a contrasting color on the wrong side. I think to sew myself.


    Thanks Catherine. I really liked it.

  • Anonymous

    So that's exactly what you liked

  • Anonymous

    Hood with "ears")

  • lyudmila

    Really cool. What are you so smart they did not think. Envy silently.

  • Anonymous

    And what to think of? What did she invent? The shawl that our great-grandmothers wore? What is she clever!

  • Oksana

    These were fashionable in 90 made from angora

  • Anonymous

    Well done Ekaterina. It's great. But I can not buy a single hat. Shawls do not go too. And this is the way out.

  • Lyudmila

    From hats and in the winter and in the autumn I only wear snodes or fur dressings, I don’t like hats, but I really liked this idea, I’ll make it for myself.

  • Lyudmila

    What a difference: in the 90s, not in the 90s, in a kindergarten, in a day nursery ... Even if Eaterina refreshed the idea, it would still be useful for someone. Fashion is always cyclical.

  • Anonymous

    Long thought of this, too.It looks like a hood, but not to wear it over my head. And not a handkerchief, which when winding around the neck is inconvenient.

  • a dlia shvov ne nada astavit mesto po pol santimetru?

  • Tatyana

    do not wear a handkerchief, but put on. Learn Russian, inventors. no one is jealous of you.

  • Anonymous

    The idea is super! And beautiful and warm. I will definitely try to sew such a hat!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Catherine, well done, really liked it, simple and beautiful !!

  • Larissa

    Catherine so well realized the idea in the nuances that I also really wanted to make myself such a warm winter joy (and of course the spring and autumn, and for children in general for all seasons, just pick up the fabric). Well done, Catherine, clever and skillful hands!

  • Anonymous

    I really liked it, be sure to make it, good job!

  • Anonymous

    And how much to reduce, if the child?

  • a guest

    So I created this idea a long time ago. When my daughter went to school, I bought a hood for her, but she said that it was not convenient to wear over her head, well, I took and cut it at the neck and processed it and sewed a button

  • neon

    I really liked the idea, and I made it from an old scarf, it turned out beautiful, it remains to find a beautiful button

  • Anonymous

    Hello, people!) The idea is super! But! (Do not you think that the price of 4000 for the model "Slobodushka", for example, is too high? We all have already learned how to count money.My mother is a pensioner and “Veteran of Russia”, receives 15 thousand rubles. For an apartment studio pays 2000 per month! And then for a handkerchief, even if it is well thought out, you need to give 4 thousand!? We nra your idea But we are not impressed by such advertising, like .... This shawl is like that. or another such actress ... So what ??? Each of us is an individual. And it's worthless to level it (Maybe advertisers need to give another direction? Like ... let's revive native and forgotten - Russian ??? And bring prices closer to the cost of a scarf. Not everyone lives in Moscow. I am writing from Kirov, from the province. Then it will not be necessary coming up with discounts))) and so everything will be sold! And women will begin to look in Russian and will thank you! If the monthly payment for an apartment is 2000, then your handkerchief can be sewn in half an hour. Is not it? How many of these shawls can you cut from pavlovo - posad? It costs less than a thousand rubles in Posad. It's not difficult to guess) Forgive me, Catherine. I liked the “Krasa” and “Slobodushka” scarf. But the price does not match (((Therefore, I do not want to buy.

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