Handbag with a zipper embroidered with flowers

Zipper handbag with embroidered flowers- a cosmetic bag or handbag for small things with an embroidered colorful floral pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. turquoise fabric 26x40cm;
  3. pink zipper 25cm;
  4. pink fabric 3 details 18x25cm.


Step 1

Cut out all four pieces of fabric from all four patches of fabric. Lay the fabric part face up, put a zipper on top. Now place a fabric or embroidered part face down on them and secure with pins.

Sew along the top edge of the zipper using the zipper foot. Expand the part and repeat the procedure, stitching the two remaining fabric parts to the opposite side of the zipper.

When both sides are sewn, your handbag, when unfolded, will look something like the photo above.Carefully smooth out the seams with an iron and open the zipper to unscrew the makeup bag.

Fold the face again inside. Connect with pins and sew around the perimeter, leaving a hole for turning. Turn on the face and sew a hole with a secret seam. Put the lining inside.

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