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When everything is fed up, and the grayness of the days has gotten, you need to make some kind of jerk or a small revolution in your life in order to shake yourself up and feel some new emotions, feelings or moods. And do not be surprised at the following: if a woman changes her hairstyle, it means that dramatic changes are coming in her life, or a new hairstyle is already occurring, this is only a small impetus to something new and unknown.

Well, if you do not decide to do something extravagant and absolutely opposite to your current image, highlighting is just what you need, because such a procedure can change you for the better in a gentle and not too aggressive way.

This hairstyle will suit many girls.

This procedure is no longer news for anyone, highlighting has appeared for quite a long time, but not a single season is out of fashion, because, according to experts, it has a huge mass of advantages over ordinary hair dyeing.

Firstly, this procedure can only slightly refresh your natural hair color, giving it a rich shine and gloss, besides, thin light strands give any hairstyle additional visual volume, which is quite appropriate for most haircuts.

Due to the fact that hair dyeing is carried out by individual strands, it is much easier to achieve a smooth transition of tones and shades that create a lively and very updated picture.

Another indisputable advantage of the highlighting procedure is its practicality, the hairstyle has to be updated no more than once every 2-3 months, the growth of all the hated “roots” occurs less noticeably.

For stylish girls

Of course, it is difficult not to note the fact that, after all, dyeing individual strands of hair does less harm than regular dyeing of the entire head, moreover, in some types of highlighting, the roots are not affected at all during dyeing, avoiding exposure to chemical dyes.

And in general, this is a procedure that bears in itself a universal character: it is able to decorate any young girl and even an aged woman, because with its help even gray hair is easily hidden.

In addition, any hair color is subject to melioration: dark, black or light brown shades are perfectly shaded by your new strands.

The most important thing is that your hair should be prepared: they should be trimmed and have a healthy appearance, since highlighting is a procedure that not only can highlight the merits of hair, but also open its flaws to the whole world, so be careful.

The main types of hair styling

American techniques of highlighting

American hair highlighting is one of the most popular and common types of this procedure, still, because after her hair looks natural, but at the same time very attractive.

The method itself is based on a special technique, with which the hair is made alive, clarified and, as if, slightly burned in the sun.

The American version

In order to get the most interesting option, you need to use as many shades as close as possible in tone, about 4-5 pieces, then your hairstyle will play with really summer and warm colors.

A very common type of American highlighting is the Californian type, which also gives the hair the effect of "faded curls in the sun", but at the same time it has its differences.

  • California melioration is distinguished by its natural transition from dark roots to lighter ends, which in professional performance allows for a long time to avoid the effect of "overgrown" roots. The specificity of this technique is also in its execution - paint on hair is applied with smears, without the use of foil or any other devices that are usually necessary for such a procedure. Drying is done outdoors, such a soft technique is more gentle for the hair and allows to create soft and natural transitions of shades of strands.
  • If California melioration is performed on dark hair, as a result of which amber, honey or golden strands are formed on them, then this technique can already be called "Venetian" melioration. It will easily give the relief and dynamism of your haircut, smooth lines and soft transitions are observed here. The only important thing is to guess with color in order to get the most natural effect of "burnt out hair".

What is Californian, that Venetian highlighting is just those kinds that will suit absolutely every girl,on long or short hair, light or dark, the only thing, it's important to remember that this is not a procedure that can be done at home with the help of a girlfriend, unless, of course, she happens to be a professional hairdresser.

The technique of execution is not easy, and only a master with certain practical skills can achieve a beautiful effect.


Another technique of highlighting, which is the zonal dyeing of hair strands, for example, exclusively on the bangs, nape or on the temples.

An interesting option for young girls

By the way, not so long ago fashionable and adored by many "ombre" girls, is one of the varieties of the balinese. This technique is already difficult to call natural, best of all, it looks on asymmetric and non-standard haircuts. Naturally, not everyone will decide on such a thing, the baliyazh is only suitable for bold and eccentric girls.


The most gentle way to paint the strands, as in the process of its execution only bezamiachnye tools based on wax are used. Such dyes do not affect the hair structure so much, but the color is not as saturated as in the previous methods, it changes only by three tones.

Gentle paint option

This technique is best used by girls with naturally blond hair, with its help they will give their hair new colors and attractive color faces.

Very popular option


From the name it is clear that the technique is fundamentally the opposite of the previous one, using strong dyes to get light strands on dark hair to create a so-called contrast effect.

Mazhimesh saves hair

Crazy colors

Again, the naming itself speaks for itself: such colors are unlikely to suit serious ladies or girls who must meet a certain dress code. These are rather options for creative people: unformatted haircuts, bright and colored strands that can be made in all colors of the rainbow.


How is correct highlighting done?

In general, to achieve the desired effect, masters most often use two basic methods: using foil or using a special cap with holes.

Using a cap is a fairly old way, a polyethylene hat with holes is put on the client's head, through which a strand of hair is pulled out with a special hook, which are painted.

The first method is considered more modern and perfect, the master chooses individual strands with a special wand, as if in one step, and then dyes them along the entire length and wraps them in foil for a short period of time. This method, of course, is better, since the master himself sees which strands need to be chosen, rather than pulling them out at random from under the cap.

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