Hair extensions: advantages and disadvantages

Hair extension

Hair extension

Hair extensions: advantages and disadvantages.



Recently, it has become popular to artificially grow hair. And it can be noted that men like thick long hair. And most likely every woman would like to change her short hair to shiny long hair below the waist. If you are addressing this topic, you may be interested in reading about how to laminate your hair at home.


Previously, the procedure for hair extensions could be done only by famous people because of the high prices for such a service. But today it has become available to ordinary people. Now you should not wait half a life until the hair grows back; it’s enough just to spend a few hours in the beauty salon.

Our site will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of hair extensions, as well as we will provide a few reviews, from those who have already built hair artificially.


So, what are the advantages of hair extensions?

  • Thanks to hair extensions, the volume will double, or even three, this is especially true for women who have thin and thin hair.
  • After hair extensions, they become almost seventy centimeters longer in some three hours.
  • Thanks to hair extensions, you can easily make dyeing, highlighting or coloring hair. You can use strands of bright, dark or light tones.
  • If you are going to increase the bangs or add hair to the occipital or temporal zones, then the hair extension is an artificial way of doing this.
  • With the help of hair extensions you can decorate your hair with the help of extensions of braids, rhinestones, dreadlocks or strands with feathers.
  • Burns or head injuries can also be hidden by hair extensions.
  • Many women are not satisfied with their own hairstyle, and building it can eliminate, hair extensions smoothly into their own, and the result can not be known.

And yet you should not make hasty conclusions, it is better to know the opinions of people who have gone through it. To do this, scroll through the article in the section hair: reviews


Below are the drawbacks of hair extensions:


  • After hair extensions, especially in the “hot” way, your own hair is injured. If you remove the hair with the help of a thermo or chemical method, the hair receives great harm. In this case, the hair becomes brittle, and subsequently have to do a short haircut. Many women lose their own hair after removing hair.
  • Hair extensions with metal clips are beautiful, but you will certainly feel a foreign body in your own hair. After all, many men love to dig in the hair of his beloved woman and instead of feeling delicate hair, he will feel the presence of clips, and he may not like it.
  • Capsules are quite easy to grope, in some cases they are even noticeable. If you want to do a hairstyle called "horse tail", you will have to try to hide them.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that at first it will be uncomfortable to sleep, as metal clips are uncomfortable and it hurts your head, even it happens that dandruff appears.
  • Over time, the joints will become noticeable, and to correct this, a correction will be necessary.Instead of looking like one piece of hair, it will look like separate strands and the line between the hair extensions and your hair will be quite noticeable.
  • It is necessary to be afraid of bathing, pools or saunas, as the hairs that have been added are afraid of this and may become confused and spoiled.
  • Like many processes, it has its own contraindications: increased sensitivity of the skin, hair loss, baldness, vegetative - vascular dystonia


Hair extensions: reviews.



Hair extension

Hair extension

But this is all theory. Let's listen to real reviews of girls who have already added hair.

  1. “I resorted to hair extensions on metal clips, cold method. In general, I can say well, but only this need to get used to. Especially it is inconvenient for such hair to do or make leaving or care, hair climb constantly. After you take off hair extensions, it creates the feeling that you are absolutely bald. You get used to the volume quickly. In a nutshell, I can say - one torment!
  2. “I’m already building my hair a second time. In the beauty salon I was told that it is not harmful for hair. I admit, this is not at all the case. I liked the name “melted keratin” quite a bit, but these are just words, in reality it is just ordinary glue that looks like tips on nails.Then think for yourself whether it is worth smearing hair with glue or not. ”
  3. “My review will be short, I ruined all my beautiful hair, but what you can’t do for the sake of beauty, I’m going to visit the beauty salon again and increase my hair again.”
  4. “I’ve doubled my hair, what else to say, I still want to, it’s rather beautiful, but, of course, not without loss, my own hair becomes thinner and in fact deteriorates.”

What can I say, if you want to look beautiful, you have to sacrifice something.

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