Habitat Whether in the garden, in the garden

Habitat Whether in the garden, in the gardenHabitat Whether in the garden, in the garden

Whether in the garden, in the garden



What do we sell under the guise of seeds of ordinary cultivated plants? How to buy safe fruit tree seedlings? And why fertilizers are considered - time bomb?


Rosselkhoznadzor employees, breeders and employees of state farms will tell and show you how to protect your garden and garden from fakes, infections and dangerous chemicals in order to grow a good crop. You reap what you sow - a famous saying. Summer residents are also sure of this, and therefore do not spare money for good seeds, high-quality fertilizers, good soil mixtures, plant protection products, and garden equipment. Sowing season - time to make money. That is how sly scammers argue and never miss a chance to cash in on people's love for farming. After all, you can earn a fortune on grains and seedlings. There are dangers waiting for gardeners at every step today, and country passions boil no less,than in the Brazilian series ... In the package with the beetroot inscription - you will find the seeds of dill, in the package with turnips - the seeds of parsley, instead of the cucumber, a tomato grows. The habitat program specifically bought seeds of 10 different vegetables: radish, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant. Experts of the Institute of Seeds checked how many sprouts that have sprung up really correspond to what is written and indicated on the package.

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