"Good Girls" and 5 more cool TV series in February


Started on January 22

The grim psychological detective story about the investigation of the brutal and sophisticated murders in New York at the end of the XIX century. The investigation is led by the psychiatrist Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Bruhl), who composes the psychological profiles of maniac killers. He is assisted by a former classmate, artist John Moore (Luke Evans), and female police officer Sarah Howard (Dakota Fanning).
In “Alienista”, based on the book by Caleb Karr, a total of eight episodes. In Carr's talented psychologist Laszlo Kreizler came three volumes, it is possible that they will take and for their adaptation.
About how the profiles of criminals are created, we saw a lot of serials, from the recent "Hunter for the Mind" to "Think Like a Culprit." It will be interesting to observe how criminal psychology is taking its first steps, and even under the direction of Carey Fukunaga, who directed the "Real Detective".

"Modified carbon"

Started February 2

One of the most ambitious projects of this year's Netflix is ​​a fantastic series based on the cyberpunk novel by Briton Richard Morgan.
In the distant future, people can move their minds into different bodies, create their own digital copies and, in essence, live forever. Someone killed one of the bodies of billionaire Lawrence Bencroft. To solve the crime, he hires former commando Takeshi Kovac, played by Yuel Kinnaman.

"Seven seconds"

Starts on February 23

Another Netflix premiere, interesting to us primarily because it was based on the film “Major”, directed by Yuri Bykov.
In this criminal thriller, a policeman kills a black teenager, but is not punished. The assistant prosecutor is trying to get to the truth and achieve justice for the family of the deceased boy - and defend the rights of blacks.

"Good girls"

Starts February 26

Comedy series with a wonderful female caste: Christina Hendricks, Mei Whitman and Rhett look good together. The actresses play three not very lucky and successful women whose life goes wrong. What will save the situation? Of course, a supermarket robbery with a toy pistol at the ready.The ladies took with them a whole bag of money, but only aggravated the situation, because they were noticed by the real, not the toy mafia.

"Phantom Tower"

Starts February 28

It’s a great hope that The Ghost Tower will replace our half-puffed Rodina series, the seventh season of which is also coming out in February.
The mini-series is based on Lawrence Wright's documentary bestseller "The Troubled Tower: Al-Qaeda and the path to September 11" and tells about the events that preceded the American national tragedy. In particular, the lack of cooperation between the two services, the FBI and the CIA, is also described.
Cast - masters Jeff Daniels, Peter Sarsgaard, Michael Stulbarg. In the atmosphere - an indefinable and inexorable sense of fear.

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