Goat from a pompon of a fur coat

Hello, dear readers, today I will tell you how to sew a good toy "Goat" for the New Year, which can be hung on a Christmas tree as an ornament. According to ancient oriental beliefs, toys sewn in the image of the symbol of the coming new year can bring happiness and good luck. Our toy is not quite easy to manufacture, but it looks beautiful and pleases the eye.
 Toy Goat
To make a toy" Goat ", we need: 1. Fabric for the head and legs (we have a leather fabric from an old fur coat, it is a rich brown color) 2. Vata or synthetic winterizer, batting; 3. Furry lump for the body of a lamb (we used a small pompom from an old fur coat); 4. Colored, white A4 paper and scotch for making eyes, hoofs and horn; 5. Scissors, glue, threads (suitable in color to the fabric of the future toy and black, for tailoring the nose and mouth of a goat); 6. A small thin rope as a scarf; 7.Two parts for tightening wires as a horn.
 we need
Our toy can be sewn both independently and with a sewing machine. If you sew it yourself, then it will be sewn with the soul. On a clean cardboard sheet, draw and cut a goat's head, - a sample of its head. And then, pinning it to the fabric, we cut out the head according to the sample, but without the horn (we removed the horns a little later), - the right and left sides took turns.
cut the goat's head
 cut the goat's head
From the details for tightening the wires, cut off the narrow ends and (thanks to incredible efforts !) we pierce completely the cut parts with a needle at the base.
 cut the narrow ends
Small kuso we took the check of threads as a beard and began to join both parts of the head with an outer seam. Bottom up the horns with adhesive paper so that they would not reach the surface:
 connect both parts of the head
Trying a stitched head to the body and matching sizes,we cut off the excess from the pompon and remove all the fur flowing from it. Next, we must remove the old seam and sew a new pom-pony in a new way, having previously rolled up its fur edges. We didn’t have to fill the goat’s body with cotton, but we didn’t sew the lower side of the body, because we can sew the toy's legs back there a little later.
Toy Goat
From the same pomponchika we previously cut off the "lace", from which you can now sew the front and rear legs, replacing the old seams in them with new ones. Inside it has a little firmly glued cotton, and the “cord” itself is strong and leather, so we will not have to fill the legs made of it with cotton. We divide it into four parts:
 Toy Goat
The finished head of the toy is stuffed with cotton or sintepon, you can sew a second ear from the back (if the horns are too thin), also filled with cotton, and then hem the head to the body, then tie a white narrow lace around the neck, like a scarf, for beauty.
 Goat Toy
Nowyou need to cut a piece of black paper and fold it four times. On one of the sides we will draw a pair of hooves: one for the front legs, the other for the rear. Only eight hooves will turn out:
 Toy Goat
After we cut them out, they need to be glued together in pairs so that we have four hooves. And then we glue them over with adhesive tape and attach them to the feet of the toys:
Sewing the same size on all the legs of a goat, we take on her horns: they need to be wrapped with white paper. Cut off a thin thin piece of A4 paper and cut it into small pieces. We wrap the horns on top of them in a circle, sticking the ends of the horns to the paper, then paste the paper on the outside with transparent tape.
 Toy Goat
From the color and white paper make up the eyes: first cut into white, large circles, after them brown - smaller in size; and then black (pupils), which do the least in size.
eyes goats
 goat's eyes
Make up your eyes from all circles,gluing them together with scotch tape, and we also attach them to the toys head:
 Toy Goat
The last detail remains: we sew a thread to our toy from above so that it can hang on the Christmas-tree branch . We got a small, but cute, funny and beautiful toy "Goat" on the Christmas tree with their own hands.
 Toy Goat with your own hands
 Goat Toy
Regards, Vorobiev Dinara.

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