Getting rid of terrible cockroaches forever

Of all the insects in the world, perhaps the greatest disgust we have cockroaches. This is not surprising, because we meet with them more often than with other insects. And usually unpleasant familiarity with them takes place in our home. Neighborhood with them not only gives us a lot of trouble for their removal, but also can cause irreparable harm to our health.

Cockroaches are carriers of many different diseases, such as cholera, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and they also spread the causative agents of typhoid and typhus, diphtheria and plague.

In addition, they damage our household appliances, building their colonies in household appliances, they close the contacts, which leads to their breakdown. Also, these insects are a potential danger to our lives. They disable switches and sockets, which can cause a short circuit and, as a result, a fire.

We get rid of uninvited guests

In order to deal with them, you should find out how they got into your home.Most often they migrate through cracks from unscrupulous neighbors, they can also crawl into the apartment from the basement. You can bring them into the house along with books, purchases of household appliances, or your friends can bring them with their belongings. As you can see, there are not so many ways to get cockroaches into the house. It should be understood why it was your home that they liked.

Why cockroaches are cocked?

Probably one of the very first reasons for the appearance of these baleen insects in your home is insanitary conditions, for example:

  • garbage has not been carried out for a long time;
  • in the sink is full of dirty dishes;
  • on the tables and the floor are lying crumbs and trash;
  • You leave leftover food on the table and do not store food in the refrigerator.

Also the cause of the appearance of cockroaches, is the presence in the house of an open source of water, for example, the valve leaks. But even if you have a complete order at home, it does not mean that you will never have these insects. They can crawl from unscrupulous neighbors through cracks or ventilation.

How to determine the beginning of their invasion?

Cockroaches are nocturnal and can hide well. But if you saw at least one insect; on the dishesblack dots appeared in furniture and wallpaper (cockroach feces), and the apartment began to smell specifically, be sure that new neighbors populated you, in the form of cockroaches. They are different: black and red (Prusak). But this does not affect the amount of forces and the time spent on their removal. Even if you successfully overcome them, they can come back again. The question arises, how to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Effective methods

First of all, do a general cleaning in your dwelling: take out all the garbage, wash all surfaces, clean and close the cabinets, and pay special attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Cockroaches are very fond of moisture, and they prefer these rooms as their home. You should also cover all the cracks, and put a fine mesh on the ventilation holes, so that after you remove them, other cockroach colonies will not come to you from their neighbors.

The choice of drugs is huge

It is also worth remembering that these insects are incredibly tenacious. Even if all your products are hidden in the refrigerator, and there is not a single crumb on the table, and the bucket of debris is hermetically closed - cockroaches can live without food for as much as 40 days.In addition, they are omnivores, and can even be fed on cardboard and paper.

The only thing without which these baleen insects cannot live is water. They need it for life and reproduction. In addition, even when you slammed a cockroach sneaker, if he could get to the water, he would come to life again. Unfortunately, you can not block all sources of moisture. After all, they have enough drops of water at the sink or moisture in a flower pot. So, these nasty insects will never leave your home. How to get rid quickly from the neighborhood of domestic cockroaches?

As soon as you saw at home at least one representative of this genus, you should immediately begin to eliminate these insects. After all, they are very prolific and can quickly get divorced in unbelievable quantities.

In order to remove cockroaches from your home, you can use inexpensive and very effective folk remedies. But first, you need to be patient, because the result will be visible only in 3-4 weeks. But the cockroaches will be gone forever.

The best way to control cockroaches is boric acid powder. It can be bought at the pharmacy. It does not cause them to get used to and effectively eliminates them.This powder does not immediately kill the insect, but only infects it, delivering incredible anguish, in the form of constant itching. In addition, an infected cockroach, crawling into its shelter, infects its relatives. After a while they all die. You may not immediately notice the result, but believe me, this poison works, and in a few weeks, you will already clean up the dead cockroaches.

Folk remedies to help you

Another advantage of boric acid powder is that, unlike other chemicals, it is completely safe for humans and pets. So you can safely pour it wholeheartedly. They should treat all surfaces where cockroaches accumulate (ventilation, baseboards, trash can and all surfaces of water sources). In general, they need to block access to water so that they cannot get drunk.

Cockroaches - these are creatures that still find the path to moisture. No wonder they live on our planet not one million years. And in our apartment, they will definitely find a way to survive. In this case, you can go to the trick. Cockroaches are very curious insects. They are attracted by everything bright. Therefore, you can use the following method.

To do this, one yolk of chicken eggs should be mixed with about 30 grams of boric acid powder. And mix everything up to a mushy state. Then mold small balls of about 1 cm in size from the resulting mass. After they dry, they should be scattered in all places where cockroaches accumulate. They will be interested in bright balls, crawling and catching.

You can also use effective chemicals to fight cockroaches. Now they can be found in any form, for example:

  • Special gels - well proven. They should be applied to the plinth on a drop every 10-15 cm along the entire perimeter of the room. This way you need to handle the entire apartment. These vile insects will leave you in a few days.
  • There are also special traps for cockroaches. They are a round box in which there are openings for the entrance of insects. Inside it is poison. The cockroach, climbing inside this trap, becomes infected by itself and poisons its relatives.
  • You can also use special houses. Inside of them is a fragrant bait and an adhesive tape.Crawling into this house, a cockroach instantly sticks to its walls. And so more and more cockroaches will fall into this trap.
  • You can also use aerosols to combat these insects. They should handle all the places of accumulation of cockroaches, plinth and all the cracks in the house. The disadvantage of these funds is that cockroaches can get used to them and not react to them. Therefore it is necessary to change aerosols more often.

If you for some reason did not manage to get rid of annoying insects yourself - you can always contact special pest control services.

We wish you to get rid of these terrible cockroaches once and for all.

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