Gauguin Solntsev and his 63-year-old wife showed photos with a baby

Ex-star of "House - 2" decided to become a father.

“She will give odds to any young person,” said a former participant in the show “Home - 2” Gogenn Soltsev, speaking about his 63-year-old wife Catherine. A 37-year-old man is not at all embarrassed about the difference in age with his wife.

“I feel comfortable and harmonious with her! I still remember our first sex, we did not feel the constraints. I realized that in sex with an experienced woman there are more advantages than in the vicinity of young girls, ”Gogenn once said.

They met for several years, and three months ago they decided to get married. Since then, all photos of Gauguin on Instagram - exclusively with his wife.

Photo: @solntcev

A couple travels frequently. Then they are at sea, then in the mountains. Here Gauguin makes Katya his favorite massage, and here they are watching football together. Ill, of course, for Russia.

And on the eve of Gauguin and completely puzzled subscribers: posted a photo with his wife and ... baby. The baby was lying in a stroller that Gauguin had rolled. The photo was taken in a children's clothing store.

Photo: @solntcev

“I confess that a miracle happened! Katyusha gave me an incredible gift, ”Gauguin wrote in social networks. - I think you will be glad for us! But you need to wait a bit. How I want to share this event! And thank you, my darling! This is a real holiday for you and me. ”

Subscribers immediately began to wonder: did 63-year-old Catherine give birth to a child's husband? Most tended to the fact that Gauguin just once again PR. Others decided that the couple adopted the baby or followed the example of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, using the services of a surrogate mother.

Gauguin himself assured that he would soon reveal the secret. Therefore, with the addition we will not congratulate yet.

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