Gaidulyan and Rubtsova told why they do not want to see each other

Meanwhile, this year the sitcom “SashaTanya” will be ten years old.

When the shooting of “Univer”, and after the continuation of “SashaTanya” had just begun, Valentina Rubtsova and Andrei Gaidulyan were 10 years younger ... And they lived a whole life along with the shooting: Valentina married, gave birth to a daughter, Andrew defeated the oncology, got married, divorced and met a new love. Details here.

During this time, the actors have become best friends and relatives of each other, and yet they admit that there are times when “they cannot see each other”.

Photo: archives of press services

“There are also“ splits ”. Sometimes I even say to Andrew: “I cannot look at you, because I will start laughing wildly. Let's step aside or look at the center of the forehead. To not in the eye. Otherwise it will not work, - Valentina Rubtsova laughs, but she still admits that during the filming they became a family. - We share new stories, anecdotes.And with this we enter the frame and sometimes we cannot immediately enter the work. Because the trail of anecdote stretches and is difficult to concentrate. On the other hand, this mood helps. We remove the sitcom, which we charge with positive energy. ”

And do not intend to stop. TNT is about to release a new season.

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