Fitball for babies

Fitball for babiesAll mummies want their child to grow up the smartest, most beautiful and developed. For this, during pregnancy, they try to eat right, read books, include good music, do physical exercises. After birth, the question arises, how to increase the activity of the baby. What can? Why not? You do not want to harm your child.

How to pick up the ball?

First of all pay attention to the cover. It is necessary that it be elastic, the hand should not go deep when pressed, without scratching seams, without the pungent smell of rubber, which is difficult to weather and chemical dyes, pleasant colors.

For fitball make special superstrong balls, it is indicated on the marking (ABS-Anti-Burst System). Height not more than eighty centimeters. On this and the baby's mom can perform exercises, and the child will be comfortable. Auxiliary rubber handles can be attached to the ball. They will need a baby after five months.
How to pick up the ball?

What is useful for a fitball babe?

  1. Strengthens the vestibular apparatus, the spine, even posture.
  2. Increases motor activity.
  3. Contributes to the speedy passage of gases.
  4. Improves sleep, appetite, mood.
  5. The kid starts to control his body sooner.
  6. Organically develop all muscle groups.

When and how to start to engage?

You can start with two weeks. Limit yourself at first a small range of basic exercises. The whole procedure should not take more than 20 minutes. Begin charging after an hour after feeding.
When and how to start to engage?

How to do fitball?

  • Put the milkman's tummy on the ball, hold it by the back, swinging it in different directions. Continue until the baby does not get bored.
  • At first, let him get used to the unusual position. Remember that his muscles are still too fragile and unsuitable for long heavy loads. You can not pull the foot and hand, it can damage the ligaments and cause pain. In no case can not move away and get distracted by the phone, iron and so on. The time allotted for charging should be used for it.
  • The second exercise, in essence, is the same, only on the back.
  • Then turn it over again on the tummy, grasp the ankles and roll it back and forth.
  • Arrange in front of the ball a few things that may be of interest to the baby and, holding it by the legs and back, let him catch them when tilting forward.
  • Standing behind the child, take him by the arms, slightly lifting, roll.
  • When the baby grows up, it will turn over and sit down, begin to perform turn overs on the fitball.
  • Holding him by the arms, let him pull himself up and sit down, then lie down again.
  • Auxiliary procedures

    Morning can begin with a massage. Mash foot, palms. Make movements with your hands, bend them in elbows, crosswise, in different directions, down - up. Then legs: bend at the knees. Turn over on the stomach, try to bend the legs in the pose of a frog, swallows, etc. After a massage and charging on the fitball, it is good to swim in the bath.


    Olya: “They gave us a ball for fitball for a month. The kid could not get enough. Very useful thing. ”

    Margarita: “I have two boys. The ball was bought late. The eldest was then three years old, and the youngest was a year old. So now they almost fight for him. We think the second to buy.

    Nastya: And we hardly used it.I went to work early and the child was sent to the nursery. It’s a pity that they didn’t think of another kind of charging. ”

    How nice to see a smile on the face of your child. To do this, do not mind any effort. We hope that our guide will really help you and will indicate how to make your baby happy.

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