Felt Christmas Tree Toys

We sew a Christmas tree decoration in the form of one of the symbols of the New Year -Fir-tree.

Materials and tools:

  1. white and red felt
  2. filler (sintepon)
  3. scissors;
  4. red thread and needle;
  5. ribbon, twine.

Step 1

We draw a pattern of two Christmas trees, one less than the other. We transfer the template to the felt and cut out the details: from the red felt - 2 parts, from the white one detail (less than the detail from the red felt).

Step 2

We take one piece of red and white felt, add them together and sew. Sew the parts with red threads, departing from the edge of 2-3 mm, and small stitches.

Step 3

Cut out the sintepon a little less than the main part of the red felt. We lay the sintepon between the details of red felt and sew them, also using a red thread.

During sewing, we make a loop from a ribbon or twine and also sew it between the parts.

All,a Christmas tree made of feltis ready, it remains only to decorate the Christmas trees with ribbons, bows or beads.

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