Favorite beauty-tools of leading Russian makeup artists

In the arsenal of each professional makeup artist there are beauty gurus that are used everywhere. And it can be both luxury cosmetics, and quite a budget. And they can be trusted 100%, because when preparing a model for going out or doing makeup for some super-event, it is important that the mascara does not crumble at the most inopportune moment, the lipstick is not smeared, and the foundation is not stained. So, if you still can not find the perfect makeup in every way, listen to the tips of makeup artists. By the way, on their pages in Instagram you can find many interesting and useful things!

Irina Grishina

Professional makeup artist with over eight years of experience! She can do absolutely any makeup, regardless of its complexity and the intended event. Irina creates images for fashion shows, all kinds of shows, glossy magazines, theater performances, music bands and celebrities.Makeup artist - an active user of Instagram, where he shares professional tips and tricks of makeup, talks about his favorite products in his cosmetic bag.

For example, one of her favorites Irina calls Clarins Skin Illusion moisturizing foundation, Ofra American matte lipstick in a muted pink tint and Flash Colors universal palette from the French Make Up For Ever brand. The tonal framework is distinguished by its lightness, silkiness and ideal weightless coating. Thanks to active ingredients, the product not only provides a thorough moistening, but also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Ofra matte lipstick has a delicate creamy texture, a pleasant natural color and is well applied even on imperfectly smooth lips. It is quite resistant (and the price is reasonable) and is ideal for creating a casual look. The Flash Colors from Make Up For Ever consist of 12 colors of creamy consistency. Its possibilities are endless! Irina advises to use the palette as a blush, a substrate under the shadow, lipstick and even the corrector. The colors are very bright and quite resistant, mix well with each other and are easy to apply. You can “play” with a palette, creating an incredible makeup!

Makeup Publication • Hairstyles • Training (@ irinagrishina.ru)19 Mar 2018 at 9:21 PDT

Gohar Avetisyan

One of the most famous Russian makeup artists, who creates real miracles with the help of cosmetics! Gohar changes people beyond recognition, as you can verify on her Instagram page, actively participates in the filming of various TV shows and runs her own makeup studio, where she not only creates fashionable beauty images, but also teaches future makeup artists. The possibilities for choosing cosmetics from Gohar are unlimited. She is available absolutely any novelties, expensive and budgetary funds, she often likes to experiment, but still managed to get her favorites.
So, in his videos in Instagram Gohar not only demonstrates how to correctly apply cosmetics, but also shares his favorite means. One of the latest favorites is the NYX and Ofra brands. She loves the first for accessibility and a huge choice of assortment, and the second for a variety of color palette, firmness, even coverage and lack of dry skin of the lips. From NYX cosmetics, Gohar recommends paying special attention to the 3 Steps to Sculpt palette for face sculpting, Cosmic Metals palette of metal shadows, Epic Ink Liner 01 Black and Black Soft Eyeliner and Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream.

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