Fashionable short haircuts, Fall-Winter 2015-2016: photos of the most stylish haircuts for short hair

Fashionable short haircuts, Fall-Winter 2014-2015Beyonce returned the fashion on pixie after she cut her long curls. Following it, “cut off the excess”, many stars: Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Lawrence and many others. Why, for several years, short haircuts are so popular? We will understand.

Short boyish hairstyles have not been remembered for about two decades. For what reason did they begin to return to fashion? The only reason is practicality. Short hair is easy to style, and all sorts of styling, waxes and other similar products are now full. That is why many people decide on the maximum changes in the image.

Fashionable women's haircuts for short hair - trends, Fall-Winter 2015-2016


The most sought after and elegant haircut. Looks good on both smooth and wavy hair.Hollywood women of fashion generally prefer a short car with clear lines on perfectly smooth hair. The image can be supplemented with straight or oblique bangs. Also look beautiful textured strands that will give your image a little grunge and rebelliousness.

To suit: Chubby and anyone with an oval face shape. Smooths a sharp chin and makes the face visually softer. You also need to consider that the car looks best on thick dark hair. For thin there is one small secret: the ends of the hair after cutting should be lightened.

How to stack: The main assistants when laying a bob - foam and a hairdryer. This will be enough for every day. For special cases, you can use tongs or curlers. With their help, you can create romantic curls. Well, and for those who have hair curling from nature, we suggest using ironing.


Naughty boyish haircut that won many hearts. This "organized chaos" on the head of winning looks on the red and black hair. To maintain an angular shape, the hair must be trimmed with a razor in small layers.

Who will do: Since it maximally opens the face and décolleté zone, it is not advised to full girls. A round-faced pixie will fit with small strands on the sides, and owners of wide cheekbones need to create a volume at the crown, so that the face looks proportionate.

How to style: Smooth hair, combed back or sideways, will look perfect on a business evening. In general, it is very simple to model a pixie: a little wax and you are in a punk style, a little bouffant and a drop of varnish - you are a rock star.


There are several types: multi-layered, straight and square. Its ideal length is at ear level. You can make and long versions that visually stretched face.

Who will fit: Multi-layered bob is ideal for girls with sparse hair. Due to the strands of different lengths you will burn to create the necessary volume.

How to style: Hair should be slightly wet and dried with a hair dryer and a round brush. You will be able to make soft waves thanks to large curlers, and the iron helps you to cope with disobedient curls.

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